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Date & Time

Saturday, Apr 10th 2021

18:00 BST


Single Elimination


This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games inc. or VALORANT Esports.


* NOTE: For prizes to be available, a minimum of eight (8) entrants must compete in the tournament. At the conclusion of the tournament, the cash prize winner will be contacted by email to arrange payment. Prize payments are paid with PayPal only and are paid the following month.

The amount of cash prize received by the winning player is determined in the table below, only the winner of the tournament (1st place) will receive a cash prize:

100 USD To Winning Team

  Registration tutorials

In case you do not know how to register your account on the web, you can do it through this YouTube tutorial . They can also use this PDF for the same.

  Player IDs

For this tournament, players must register their Riot ID username in their Games and Social Media section of their EGL profile. All player IDs on a team roster must be 100% valid and accurate. Spelling, spaces, and characters must be exact, but they are not case-sensitive.

If your username is determined to be incorrect or you have entered an email address instead of your Riot ID then you will be disqualified as this is strictly NOT allowed.

  How to compete

Both teams must communicate their selections / Map vets within the match comments under Matches (click "View details" for your current match). We will not accept any other form of evidence of map selections / bans if you choose to do so outside of our website.

      The Top Seed Team will choose to act as Team A or Team B during the Map vetoing process.

      The process of Banning Maps is as follows:

      Bind | Haven | Split | Ascent | Ice box

      - Team A Banea First map

      - Team B Ban Second map 

      - Team A Ban Third map 

      - Team B Ban Fourth map 

      - The remaining map becomes the map to Play

      - Team A chooses which Side they wish to play on (Attackers / Defenders)

      - All games will be played en en server LAS

       The creation of the game will be in charge of the captain Of team A, he will be in charge of inviting the opposing captain

       The Configuration for all games is as follows:

       Allow cheats: No |
       Tournament mode: Yes |
       Extra time: Yes |
       Play all rounds No | 



The matches will be direct elimination to the best of one (BO1) until the quarterfinals

Semifinals and FINAL are the best of 3(BO3)

  Eligible Countries

This tournament is open to players of any age and any user that resides within Latin America.

The following countries are permitted to enter into this tournament:

French Guiana


If you have a problem with your partner, click on the 'Contact Support' button found under Matches. You can also contact us on the EGL-SA channel for general questions and discussion.