Brawl Stars: Three of a Kind Cup

€30 to Winning Team*

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Game & Platform

Brawl Stars


Date & Time

Thursday, May 16th 2019

18:00 BST


Single Elimination



1st - €30 per team*

*NOTE: In order for cash prizing to be available a minimum of eight (8) teams must participate in the tournament. Upon completion of the tournament, cash prize winners will be contacted via email to arrange payment. Prize payments are paid using PayPal only.

  Player IDs

For this tournament, players must register their Brawl Stars Account Name to their EGL Game & Social Accounts section on their EGL profile. All Player IDs on a team’s roster must be 100% valid and accurate. Spelling, spaces and characters must be exact, but do not need to be case sensitive.

If your username is found to be incorrect or you have input an email address instead of your Brawl Stars Account Name then your team will be disqualified as this is strictly NOT allowed.

  How to Compete

Best of 3

All matches are Best of 3. The winning team is the team that has won the majority of the maps.

Game Session Setup

The hosting team must set up the match. The host must send their teammates and opponents the team code (select the chat bubble in the top right-hand corner of the game screen, select "Create Team Code") by posting it in the Match Comments for that round, then select "View Details" for that match to access the match comments.

Teammates and opponents should then join the host's team (select the chat bubble, then select "Join with Code", enter the host's code and select join) and select the character they wish to play as.

How To Win

The team that has won 2 out of 3 of the maps wins the round. In the event of a draw in any of the game modes, the teams should replay the same mode immediately after completion.

  Default Maps

The default maps for each round are as follows:

Round of 32

Gem Grab - Hard Rock Mine
Brawl Ball - Backyard Bowl
Heist - Forks Out

Round of 16

Gem Grab - Crystal Cavern
Brawl Ball - Triple Dribble
Heist - Kaboom Canyon

Quarter Finals

Gem Grab - Deathcap Cave
Brawl Ball - Pinhole Punt
Heist - Safe Zone

Semi Finals

Gem Grab - Stone Fort
Brawl Ball - Sneaky Fields
Heist - Rolling Rumble


Gem Grab - Undermine
Brawl Ball - Super Stadium
Heist - Twist & Shoot

Hosting Order

A team's seed is indicated by the number next to their team name on the tournament bracket. The highest seed is defined as the team with the seed closest to 0.

The hosting team is as follows:

Map 1

Highest Seed

Map 2

Highest Seed

Map 3

Highest Seed


If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can also reach us on the EGL Discord for general questions and discussion.