[AMERICAS] Naraka Trios Scrim 2023

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Game & Platform


Cross Platform

Game Account Required

Naraka (Username & Num.ID)

Date & Time


Battle Royale






Check-In Period

60 minutes before start



6 games (Quals & Finals)


Player stream

Allowed (3 min delay)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure your team's in-game IDs on EGL has both the in-game name in Naraka and also the Numerical ID. (i.e: EGL 328741289310001). Please note that check-in is mandatory to participate and only the captain can do it.


  • It is mandatory for all players to be on the Naraka NA Official Discord server to receive all updates regarding the tournament.
  • The winning team of this tournament will have a secured spot on the regional J Cup Qualifier.
    • If the team changes any players, they will lose their spot and it will become available as an extra spot in a final qualifier.
  • Only players from the Americas (North America and South America) can compete in this tournament. Game server will be North America.
  • Check-in is mandatory to participate. Only checked-in teams will be put into lobbies.
    • Check-in starts 60 minutes before the start of the tournament and ends 30 minutes before the start.
    • Only captains and co-captains can do the check-in.
  • Lobbies will be opened 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. It's mandatory for all players to join up to 10 minutes before the start of the tournament to gather all necessary info (Name & ID).
    • If any player from a team fail to join at this time, the whole team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • All platforms and inputs are available to participate.
  • Please review the ruleset to ensure you don't break any rules, as points can be deducted and some teans can also be disqualified from the tournament.
    • Please pay special attention to teaming and emoting restrictions.
  • Besides the scoring system, finals' lobbies will have a Hero Point system in place. Please review the information regarding these two points below and in the Ruleset.
  • Remember to follow Naraka Esports on Twitter!.

Map Order and Weather

Both Holoroth and Morus Isle will be used in this tournament. For both qualifiers and finals, this will be the map order:

Morus Isle
  • Games 1, 3, 4 and 6.
  • Games 2 and 5.

For Morus Isle, the weather can be either Night or Midday. For Holoroth, the weather can be either Sunny or Cloudy.


Scoring in each round is determined by both your team's placement and number of kills. The higher you place in the match, the more points you'll earn for placement (shown below).

Placement Kill Multiplier Base Points
1 1.4 5
2 1.3 3
3 1.3 3
4 1.3 2
5 1.2 2
6 1.2 1
7 1.2 1
8 1.1 1
9 1.1 1
10 1.1 0.5
11 1.1 0.5
12-13 1 0.5
14-16 1 0


If after all games two teans are tied in points, ties will be broken in the following order:

#1 - Highest total kills
#2 - Highest points in single game
#3 - Highest kills in single game
#4 - Most kills in the latest game
#5 - Highest placement in the latest game.

Finals Hero Points

In the finals lobby of games, a hero points system will be used. This is meant to promote variety in team compositions. If a team exceeds 15 points, their score in the match that they exceed 15 will be nullified. For more details, please check the ruleset.

How to compete on EGL

To register to any EGL tournament, you and your team only need a free account. After creating an account, create a team, invite your teammates and navigate to your desired tournament and click 'Join tournament'. You and your team need a valid in-game ID to join the tournament.
Please review our How-to video on how to register for tournaments:
Once logged in, you can create a team by clicking on your User Avatar at the top right of the EGL website and then selecting 'Create Team' from the drop down menu. You can invite members to your team by clicking on your avatar on the top right, selecting which team you wish to manage and then clicking on the 'Members' tab.
The search form will autocomplete on the players' username. Check our how-to video for all the steps:
Rosters can only be updated before the start of a tournament. The captain (or co-captains) can invite new players an remove existing ones but in order for it to get actioned on the website, teams need to leave the competition and join again.
The same happens for IDs, they can only be updated before the tournament starts and they will only be shown correclty on the website if teams re-register to the tournament.
Check-in is the tool we have to only put teams that are actually available to play into our brackets, reducing the number of no-shows significally within a tournament.
When signing-up, please review the check-in time on the tournament overview page and come back at that time to perform it by simply clicking again the same button you used to register.
Only captains and co-captains can perform this step.

Only teams that checked-in correctly will appear in the bracket.
Please note that teams that register while check-in is active will already be checked-in automatically.
Matches can be seen both in the Bracket and in the Fixtures & Results pages of the tournament. Nevertheless, we recommend to visit your Dashboard to also find the reporting buttons and the comment section.
You can try to add or invite your opponents in-game if the game allows it, but we strongly recommend to chat with them beforehand as it will also be proof of contact and will help in case any disputes come up.
To see the comment section, go to your Dashboard and then click 'View Details' on your desired match. At the bottom of the page you will find the comment section that can also be visited by tournament administrators. Remember that to see new comments, you will need to refresh the page.
You can report the result of your match by going to your Dashboard (double-sword icon on the top right corner of the site) and then click 'View Details'. There you'll find the score reporting buttons, the no-show report button and also the access to creating a ticket.
Only captais and co-captains can report a score.
The one and only way to get support for a match in the tournament is using the match tickets. To report a ticket, navigate once again to your Dashboard (double-sword icon on the top right corner of the site) and then click 'View Details'. There you'll find the 'Create ticket' button, alongside the rest of the reporting buttons.
The website indicates TBC/TBD as your opponent when you are waiting for an opponent that's on the previous round. Please wait patiently and keep an eye on your notifications and in your Dashboard.
If your opponent has reported the incorrect score for your match, please select the 'Dispute' button found in your match. You can navigate to your match by going to your Dashboard (double-sword icon on the top right corner of the site) and then click 'View Details'.

You will be given the option to provide further details before the match is placed into dispute. Please provide as much information as possible and include any evidence if you have any.
If a tournament has prizing it will be listed on the tournament overview page, as well as on the tournament card.
Upon completion of the tournament cash prize winners will be contacted via email to arrange payment.
$450 & J-Cup Qual. Spot

You can find your matches and results via your Dashboard, please submit a ticket via your match page if you require assistance.

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For other general website support, visit our User Guide and FAQs below. If more assistance is required please submit a ticket.

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