Vermillion Pulse #5

Join our monthly tournament in collaboration with Indefinable Bound and get your share of up to €200*.

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Game & Platform

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo Switch

Game Account Required

Discord ID

Date & Time


Double Elimination


The administration team reserve the right to overrule any pre-stated tournament rules at any given point if deemed necessary.

General Tournament

By signing up to this tournament all participants agree that they have read and accept the Terms of Service (ToS) and the Privacy Policy.

Player Eligibility

This tournament is open to players of any age residing within EMEA.


The roster size for this tournament is limited to 1. The winning player can only receive prizing for one (1) player.

Players not listed on the Match Fixture page will not receive prizing under any circumstance.

Please note that in order for prizing to be available a minimum of sixteen (16) players must participate in the tournament.


Minimum & Maximum Players

When registering for a tournament, Users must select the minimum number of players required to compete in that tournament, indicated on the tournament sign up module. Users will not be able to select more than the maximum number of players indicated on the tournament sign up module.

Player IDs

For this tournament, players must register their Discord ID to their EGL Game & Social Accounts section on their EGL profile. All Player IDs on a team’s roster must be 100% valid and accurate. Spelling, spaces and characters must be exact, but do not need to be case sensitive.

If your username is found to be incorrect or you have input an email address instead of your Discord ID then your team will be disqualified as this is strictly NOT allowed.


Players are not permitted to use a substitute at any point in a match. A substitute is defined as someone who is not listed on the Match Fixture page.

Roster Lock

Player IDs are stored when you enter a tournament, meaning that any changes made to a player's ID after they sign up for a tournament will not be updated on the roster. To avoid this change your username before signing up for a tournament or leave the tournament, change your game ID so that it is correct and then rejoin the tournament.

Player Eligibility

Only players listed on the Match Fixture page are eligible to play in tournament matches. It is both players responsibility to verify the eligibility of all players playing in the match. If a players uses an ineligible player in a match they will forfeit the match the ineligible player participated in. Proof must be shown to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a match.

If the opposing player has an ineligible player present, you must tell the opposing player to replace that player with an eligible player. You must have given the player the required fifteen (15) minutes from match start time to substitute their ineligible player. If the player does not substitute their ineligible player, please report the scores in your favour and provide proof of the ineligible player in the game lobby.

Match Settings

All matches are to be played using the following settings:.

Game Settings

Game Style Battle Arena - Stock Battle
Type All Skill Levels
Visibility Friends
Format 1v1
Stock/Time Limit 3 Stock - 7 Minutes
Rotation Bottom One Leaves
Final Smash Meter Off
Spirits Off
CPU Lv. Off
Stage Selection Random
Damage Handicap Off
Launch Distance Default

Advanced Settings

First to Win 3
Stage Morph Off
Stage Hazards Off
Team Attack Off
Launch Default
Underdog Boost Off
Pausing Off
Score Display On
Show Damage Yes


Mii Characters Allowed

The use of Mii characters is allowed at any point during the tournament.

How To Compete

Best of 3

All matches until and including quarterfinals (top 8) are Best of 3 (BO3). The winning player is the player that has won the majority of the stages.

Best of 5

All Top 8 matches are Best of 5 (BO5). The winning player is the player that has won the majority of the stages.

Game Session Setup

The players should add each other once the match fixtures are received. The hosting player must set up the match. The player that is hosting must select Smash - Battle Arena - Create Arena and then use the Match Settings as shown. Once the Arena settings are correct the host should name the arena "EGL - Username" (Username should be your Nintendo Switch ID username). The opponent should then select "Join Arena" and join the host's arena.

Stage Selection

When selecting a stage the option for a random stage should be selected. No stages are banned in this tournament.

How To Win

The player that has won 2 out of the 3 stages wins the round.

If time runs out, the winner is determined by remaining stock, and then by ending damage percentage.

If both stock and percentage are identical, or a game ends with both players being KO'd simultaneously, then a tiebreaker is played.

A tiebreaker is a 1 stock, 3-minute match with the same characters and the same stage.


Server Issues

In the event of server issues arising, tournaments may be postponed or cancelled depending on the severity of the issue.

If the tournament is cancelled it will be announced on the EGL_Online twitter page and Discord channel. The tournament title will also be adjusted to reflect this outcome.

Incorrect Match Settings

It is the hosting player’s responsibility to ensure that the match settings are as outlined above in the Match Settings. If you notice that the host has the incorrect match settings, please record video proof of what is wrong, ensuring that the scores, time, incorrect rules and/or the players in the lobby are clearly visible (depending on the accusation) and then immediately report this to the admin.

In the instance that the hosting player has the correct match settings and you leave the game before it is completed, the player that did not leave will receive the win for that match.


In order for a player to forfeit, the opposing player must leave the match as soon as they have gathered evidence of the opposing player violating the tournament rules.

Players will forfeit a round for the following reasons:

  • Leaving a match prior to it's completion and then failing to provide valid proof of the accusation against the opposing player.
  • Hosting a match with the incorrect Match Settings shown above.
  • Delaying a match by more than fifteen (15) minutes since receiving the match fixtures for that round.

Player Disconnections

If a player disconnects during the initial launch of a match, the match will be restarted from scratch. The initial launch is defined as the time before ANY points are scored by either player within the current match.

If a player disconnects after points have been scored by either player, the player with disconnection issues can continue playing with one player or forfeit the round.

If both players disagree over when the player disconnection took place, video proof must be provided that shows the scores and time at which the disconnection took place, as well as the players in the lobby.

Match Delay

Matches must be played in their entirety unless both players agree to delay the match. Maximum permitted time to delay a match is fifteen (15) minutes.

Failure to complete a match or report the scores within an hour of receiving the match fixtures will result in disqualification for both players due to inactivity.

Players may not delay the match for more than fifteen (15) minutes between each round. If a player delays the start for longer than fifteen (15) minutes, the other player should report the scores in their favour and provide proof of the delay occurring.

The player that did not delay must provide video proof showing that this fifteen (15) minute delay did occur.



A players seed is indicated by the number next to their team name on the tournament bracket. The highest seed is defined as the player with the seed closest to 0.

The hosting team is as follows:

Stage 1

Highest Seed

Stage 2

Lowest Seed

Stage 3

Highest Seed

Taking Preparations

Make sure your lan adapter is properly connected to your switch and router and that your switch is using a Wired Connection (showing a wire icon at the home screen instead of the wi-fi icon).

A lag test isn’t required before officially starting a set, but it’s HIGHLY recommended that one is done. Both parties should be clear on whether they both want one done or not. This counts as a handwarmer/button-check -- so therefore, players must quit when they're done and then officially start the match. We recommend the lag test being only 30 seconds to prevent too much time being taken up.

If you experience a mediocre connection, one that isn't ideal but is playable, you can choose to play it out or ask for a moderator to host the room. You should still report that a person had a mediocre connection. The limit of a mediocre connection and the start of an unplayable one would be around 300ms delay. You can test how that feels with a metronome at at 200bpm or inputting 300ms in this site, in which you press the button in one beat, and the character acts in the next beat. Any worse than that is considered unplayable, even worse if it also has lag spikes.

In-game Rules

General Info

  • 7 minutes per match.
  • 3 stocks.
  • 3-4-1 Striking, 3 Bans, No Stage Clauses.

Stage List

Stage 1


Stage 2

Small Battlefield

Stage 3

Final Destination

Stage 4

Yoshi's Story

Stage 5

Pokémon Stadium 2

Stage 6


Stage 7

Town & City

Stage 8

Kalos Pokémon League

Stage 9

Hollow Bastion

Game 1

  • Announce your character before banning stages.
  • Start the set with a round of rock-paper-scissors.
    • The winner bans 3 stages from the list.
    • The opponent chooses 2 of the remaining 6 stages.
    • The winner chooses 1 of the 2 stages to play on.

Game 2-5

  • Tell your opponent if you change your character.
  • The winner names his character first.
    • The winner bans 3 stages.
    • The loser chooses 1 of the remaining 6 stages.


Match Result

Both players are responsible for reporting the result of a match. This can be done by clicking on the match fixture link found on the Match Fixture page.

Tournament brackets will be updated automatically once both players have reported the match.

In the instance that only one player reports the match result, the result will automatically be confirmed after ten (10) minutes. Please do not contact support in this time as you will cancel the timer.

Disputed Result

In the instance that both players report conflicting results, the match will be placed into dispute and will be handled by a member of staff.


In the event of a dispute, the player that has disputed will be asked to provide proof of their accusation. Please see the Evidence Policy section below to find out what evidence is required.

If the disputing player is unable to provide valid evidence for the reason that they disputed, then the player will be removed from the tournament and will also receive a suspension due to disputing without valid reason/proof.

No Shows

No Shows

A player has fifteen (15) minutes to show up and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

To report a no-show, please click on the 'Opponent No Show' button on the Match Fixture page.

No Show Proof

If you have reported a no-show and the opposing player has disputed, you must provide video evidence that you have invited all players to play prior to the fifteen (15) minute no-show deadline. Failure to do will result in the no-show claim being voided and both players being made to play the round.


We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Players caught cheating, glitching or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be permanently banned from the EGL site and all future competitions.

Evidence Policy

We strongly recommend that you obtain photo or video evidence showing the outcome of every match.

User Conversations

All conversations between users are not considered evidence. This includes, but is not limited to:

Private Messages
PSN Messages
XBL Messages
Skype Messages
Direct Messages

Evidence Requirements

When asked to provide evidence for the outcome of a match, all video and photographic evidence must clearly show the match score, time, players in the lobby and, if necessary, evidence of the rule violation of the opposing player.

Evidence that does not meet the above criteria will not be considered.

Uploading Evidence

All video evidence should be uploaded to an external website such as YouTube. Photographic evidence should be uploaded to an external website such as Imgur, Photobucket or Imageshack. The URL link to the individual evidence must be sent to an admin, along with a brief description of what the evidence shows.

Evidence that has been faked or tampered with in any way will not be accepted as valid. Anyone found to be providing fake proof will be permanently banned from competing on the website.



If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can view and respond to all of your support tickets here.

Abusive Behaviour

Abusive behaviour towards staff members that are called into a match dispute will not be tolerated. The individual user violating this rule will be subject to a site-wide ban.