[EMEA] Weekly Xbox Solos Scrim #1

Compete in the official Naraka Bladepoint weekly scrims for Xbox and GamePass players!


Game & Platform


Xbox Series X/S

Game Account Required

Naraka Username (XBOX)

Date & Time


Battle Royale


The administration team reserve the right to overrule any pre-stated tournament rules at any given point if deemed necessary.

General Tournament

By signing up to this tournament all participants agree that they have read and accept the Terms of Service (ToS) and the Privacy Policy.

Player Eligibility

This tournament is open to players that compete on the European servers playing only with controller and using either a Xbox X/S and/or GamePass Xbox App on PC.

Only players withing the top 200 ranking of the game, both Solos and Trios, are eligible to participate.


The roster size for this tournament is limited to 1. The winning player can only receive prizing for one (1) player.


The top 200 ranked players, both in Solos and Trios, out of all registrations will be accepted into the tournament. The seeding format listed below is based on the top 200 participants in order of in-game rank/rating.

Individual Snake Seeding

Seed numbers are distributed so as to favor the highest seed numbers by grouping them with diametrically opposed seed numbers. This will ensure higher seeded players have a larger advantage in their games, as they will be playing with lower seeded players.

If there is a significantly large amount of signups, EGL Staff may opt to add lobbies at their discretion. If lobbies fail to fill, EGL Staff may also opt to merge lobbies per internal seeding.

Discord Requirement

Players will be required to join our Discord for this tournament: Naraka: Bladepoint EU Discord. Players will remain "pending" until both approved by EGL Admins and present in the Discord.

Your Discord name must be one of the following:

  • Your Discord Username + Naraka Username (e.g. Burns - Burns123 or Burns(Burns123))
  • Your Naraka Username (e.g. Burns123)

Players need to validate their ranking by posting an image of their actual ranking in the correct Discord channel.


Minimum & Maximum Players

This tournament is for Naraka: Bladepoint Solos. Users will only be allowed to compete alone.

Player IDs

For this tournament, players must register their Naraka Username (XBOX) and Naraka Player ID to their EGL Game & Social Accounts section on their EGL profile. All Player IDs on a team’s roster must be 100% valid and accurate. Spelling, spaces and characters must be exact, but do not need to be case sensitive. To find your Naraka Username go into the game and select Options > Account > Naraka Account.

The Naraka Username (XBOX) must have the following format: Username - Player ID (e.g. Burns - 39899956810)

Your Naraka Username (XBOX) is needed to determine your ranking and your seeding in the tournament. If your username is found to be incorrect or you have input an email address instead of your Naraka Username then you will be disqualified.


Players are not permitted to use a substitute at any point, or to let anyone else play for them. If you are unable to play during the tournament, please refrain from signing up. If you are unable to complete the tournament once starting, you will be required to forfeit.

Player Eligibility

Only players listed on the Match Fixture page are eligible to play in tournament matches. If a player is ineligible to play in a match they will forfeit the match. Proof must be shown to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a match.

If a player is found to be using an ineligible account or an account was not entered into the tournament, they will forfeit the match and not be allowed to compete in the rest of the Season. If you think an opponent is playing on an ineligible account, please alert an admin and post proof in the screenshots channel on the EGL Discord.

Match Settings

All matches are to be played using the following settings:

Game Rules

Game Mode The Herald's Trial
Players 48
Referees Up to 20
Party 1
Seats Host Seating
Stash Statue Off
Weapons Banned None
Heroes Banned None

Seeding will be managed by admins via host seating.

Scoring and Qualification Process

Placement Kill Multiplier Base Point
1 1.6 4
2 1.6 3
3 1.6 3
4 1.5 3
5 1.5 2
6 1.5 2
7 1.4 2
8 1.4 2
9 1.4 2
10-12 1.4 1
13-15 1.3 1
16-20 1.3 0
21-30 1.2 0
31-40 1.1 0
41-48 1 0
Kills = 1 points


If, after two rounds, your team is tied in points based on your respective placements and kill points, ties will be broken in the following order:

  1. Highest total kills, then
  2. Highest points in single game, then
  3. Highest kills in single game, then
  4. Most kills in the latest game, then
  5. Highest placement in the latest game.

Game Session Setup

The top 200 ranked players out of all participants will be accepted into the tournament. The next 40 players after seeding is complete will be added to a pending participants list in the Naraka: Bladepoint EU DIscord. Make sure to play on the solo ladder and increase your rank as high as possible when registration ends! In the event of a tie in rank, Killing points will be used to differentiate players, and those with more Killing points will be seeded higher.

Please join the Discord Server: Naraka: Bladepoint EU DIscord. You will gain access to a list of channels and be given an additional role if seeded into the tournament.

30 minutes prior to the start of the tournaments, the lobby name and password will be distributed in the EGL site and notified in Discord.

Rules In-Game

Players are to follow the rules stated below - if to be found, that any participant is not following the rules, your match score for that round, will be void and any other punishment will be stated:

  • The use of VPN and/or Hacks is strictly forbidden - you will be banned from EGL if found to be using a VPN.
  • The use of in game glitches.
  • Players need to use the default hero face, default clothing, default hairstyle, default weapons and hook locks appearance, and are not allowed to carry high recognition ornaments or modify their skin color. Meanwhile, emoticons and character movements other than pranayama, worshipping and greeting are not allowed. Any violations can result in a forfeit of the specific game score or result in disqualification.

Any claims of the above happening must be submitted in video form and show all players usernames involved in the incident. Proof must be submitted in the team channel. We will not accept screenshots in this case.


Server Issues

In the event of server issues arising, tournaments may be postponed or cancelled depending on the severity of the issue.

If the tournament is cancelled it will be announced on the EGL_NA twitter page and Naraka: Bladepoint EU Discord server. The tournament title will also be adjusted to reflect this outcome.


Players will forfeit a round for the following reasons:

  • Using any form of glitch or voids within the game.
  • Not being present on time for the match.
  • If players drop mid-game or do not continue with the 2nd round of qualifiers they will be disqualified from the season.
  • NO additions will be made if teams drop after Qualifier round 1.

Match Delay

There will be no match delaying allowed for the Morus Cups and any no show will be counted as a forfeit.


Players may be subject to disqualification for extremely high ping, signified by a red bar. The decision for disqualification will be subject to Admin consideration.

As this is a Custom Lobby game, an admin will be hosting the games. This will be from an NA server. Any issues with the host must be brought up to the admins BEFORE the match starts.


Match Result

All players are responsible for saving the result of a match. This can be done by taking a screenshot. While all EGL admins will have access to the results of the match following its conclusion, we ask that all participants manually save the results so as to avoid any discrepencies.


In the event of a dispute, the player that has disputed will be asked to provide proof of their accusation. Please see the Evidence Policy section below to find out what evidence is required.

If the disputing player is unable to provide valid evidence for the reason that they disputed, then the player will be removed from the tournament and will also receive a suspension due to disputing without valid reason/proof.

No Shows

There will be no leniency for no shows. Players must be on the EGL NA Discord 30 minutes prior to the match, and in the lobby before the match begins. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.


We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Players caught cheating, glitching or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be permanently banned from the EGL site and all future competitions.

Evidence Policy

We strongly recommend that you obtain photo or video evidence showing the outcome of every match.

Evidence Requirements

If asked to provide evidence for the outcome of a match, all video and photographic evidence must clearly show the match score, time, players in the lobby and, if necessary, evidence of the rule violation of the opposing player.

Evidence that does not meet the above criteria will not be considered.

Uploading Evidence

All video evidence should be uploaded to an external website such as YouTube or posted in the screenshots channel on the Discord. Photographic evidence should be uploaded to the screenshots channel as well.

Evidence that has been faked or tampered with in any way will not be accepted as valid. Anyone found to be providing fake proof will be permanently banned from competing on the website.



If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can view and respond to all of your support tickets here.

Abusive Behaviour

Abusive behaviour towards staff members that are called into a match dispute will not be tolerated. The individual user violating this rule will be subject to a site-wide ban.