dafaNEWS ECWS Finals

Top 8 Players Compete for $10,000!

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Game & Platform

Real Cricket


Game Account Required

Real Cricket

Date & Time


Single Elimination



The amount of cash prizing received by the winning player is determined in the table below:

Placement Prize Money
1st Place $5,000 2nd Place $2,500 3rd & 4th Place $1,000 5th - 8th Place $250

  Tournament Schedule

The tournament round start times are as follows. Matches within the round will be staggered, players have been given their specific match schedule. Any questions please contact via the email you received. All players should invite the spectator to the match. Players should wait for their spectator to approve starting the match before playing:

Round Start Time (IST) Start Time (GMT) # Overs
Quarter Final 14:30 09:00 2
Semi Final 16:30 11:00 5
Grand Final 18:00 12:30 5

  How To Compete

Game Session Setup

You must first add the opposing player to your Friends list using their Real Cricket ID shown on the match fixture page. Once the opposing player has accepted the friend request, you should go to Muliplayer > 1vs1 > Play with Friends > Invite Opponent from Friends List > Share Spectator ID with contact given >  Select 2 or 5 Overs (Quarter Finals - 2 Overs, Semi & Finals - 5 Overs) > Play. 

How To Win

The player who wins the match, as per the in-game rules by scoring the most runs or having all of the opponents players out in the number of Overs specified will be the winners.


After the match has concluded, a screenshot of the victory should be saved for verification.


If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can also reach us on the EGL - Global Discord channel for general questions and discussion.