CANCELLED - The tournament has been cancelled due to scheduled maintenance on the SMITE servers across all platforms. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Game & Platform



Date & Time

Monday, Feb 11th 2019

18:00 GMT


Single Elimination



1st - €50 per team
2nd - 800 Gems per player*
3rd and 4th - 400 Gems per player*
5th to 8th - 200 Gems per player*

*NOTE: In order for Gem prizing to be available a minimum of eight (8) teams must participate in the tournament. Upon completion of the tournament cash prize winners will be contacted via email to arrange payment. Prize payments are paid using PayPal only.

  Player IDs

For this tournament, players must register their Smite Account Name to their EGL Game & Social Accounts section on their EGL profile. All Player IDs on a team’s roster must be 100% valid and accurate. Spelling, spaces and characters must be exact, but do not need to be case sensitive.

If your username is found to be incorrect or you have input an email address instead of your Smite Account Name then your team will be disqualified as this is strictly NOT allowed.

  Match Settings

All matches are to be played using the following settings:

General Settings

Custom Conquest
Game Name EGL - (Team A) vs (Team B)
Password Chosen by hosting team captain
Region Europe
God Picking Method Draft Pick (Conquest)
Party Size 5v5
Pick by Party Order No
Allow Spectator/ Record Demo Yes
Spawn Lane Minions Yes
Allow All Players to Chat in Game No
All Party Members Must be from the Same Clan: No
Starting Level 1
Starting Gold 1500


If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can also reach us on the EGL Discord for general questions and discussion.