Proving Grounds: Summoners Cup

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Game & Platform

League of Legends


Game Account Required

League of Legends Summoner Name

Date & Time


Single Elimination



1st - €100 per team & 1600 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost per player
2nd - 1200 RP, 4-Win XP Boost per player
3rd - 800 RP, 4-Win XP Boost per player
4th - 400 RP, 4-Win XP Boost per player
5th-8th - 4-Win XP Boost per player

NOTE: Riot advise that players should not change their summoner name until after they have received any outstanding prizes. In doing so, players risk losing their prize. Upon completion of the tournament cash prize winners will be contacted via email to arrange payment.
Please also be advised that Riot will reduce (or even completely deny) the prizing of the tournament in case the participation does not reach a certain number of teams. This will not impact the cash prize for the winners.

  Player Registration

All players participating in this tournament must also register for the same event via the League of Legends Community Events Page. Players who do not register for the event via the League of Legends website will not be eligible to receive prizing.

  Player Eligibility

This tournament is open to EU West players only.


If you have a problem with your match, please click on the 'Contact Support' button found on the Match Fixture page. You can also reach us on the EGL Discord for general questions and discussion.