This summer at EGL features a pivotal Proving Grounds qualifying tournament, Summer Showdown, where 16 of the best amateur & academy teams will compete for their shot to prove themselves on the Path to Pro! Matches will be broadcast live at twitch.tv/EGL

Prize Pool
Top NA Teams
Days of Action


This Proving Grounds will be held over multiple weeks, with ample time between game days to prepare new strategies and scout your opponents. The key dates are:

  • July 7th

    Open Qualifier

    Free Entry

  • July 12th-13th

    Tournament Start

    16 Teams

  • July 19th-20th


    Best of 3s

  • July 26th-27th


    Best of 5s

Important Questions

What's the prize pool breakdown?

$5000 to 1st place, $3000 to 2nd place, and $1000 each to 3rd and 4th place.

Who can compete?

Anyone who's up to the level of competition! We'll be inviting the top 8 teams from the previous qualifier directly to the tournament. The other 8 slots will be filled through a free-to-enter open qualifier on July 7th.

How will side selection work in game?

Higher seed will get to choose their side. Seeding will be determined by the Open Qualifier, so bring your A-game.

Will our games be streamed?

Yes! We'll accommodate the schedule at twitch.tv/egl to make sure that every team gets at least a few games on-stream.

Where can I get more info?

Make sure you're following @EGL on Twitter to get the latest updates on the tournament including the schedule.

Summer Showdown