EGL Ringout Masters Season 1 begins now. Who will be crowned the king?

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Players worldwide will compete all month long for cash prizes, gleamium raffles, and RM Points. EGL will utilize the individual player RM Points, based on their results in Ringout Contenders, in order to seed tournaments and qualify players into the Grand Finals.

Each region will feature 4 Ringout Contenders tournaments with their own prize pools of $50 each in addition to 2 Ringout Masters qualifier tournaments.







Earn Gleamium

Earn an entry every 50 points!

The EGL Ringout Masters will conclude each season with the Grand Finals, featuring a tripled prize pool of $150 for each region with the top 8 qualified participants of the month.

Ringout Masters

$150 Grand Finals

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September 30th

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the season work?

EGL will host 2 open qualifiers this season. The top 3 from each of these qualifiers will make it to the Grand Finals at the end of the season. To create an 8 player double elimination bracket, we will take the next top 2 players with the highest points -- participate in as many Multiversus tournaments on EGL during the season as you can!

How do I claim my prize?

We will email users regarding prizing after each prized tournament has ended. Prizing can take as long as 30 days to arrive.

Are the seasons free to enter?

Yes! Every season of the Ringout Masters will be free to enter.

Are all the qualifier tournaments crossplay?

Yes! You may participate in EGL tournaments from any platform that runs Multiversus.

How do I earn Ringout Masters points?

You will earn RM Points points for each win you get in any Multiversus tournament on the EGL Platform.

Is there any crossplay between regions?

There will be no crossplay between regions for Season 1 of Ringout Masters.

How can I earn points for the raffles?

Players are given points for participating and winning matches. Be sure to play as much Multiversus on EGL as you possibly can for as many entries as possible!

Ringout Masters