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Signups open for Community Recall

Players from the EMEA region, we summon you!

As heroes have gathered again for Overwatch 2, we are presenting the community with an opportunity to prove their worth while competing in their favourite title. Grab your team, train as hard as you can and join our tournaments every other Saturday to fight for the glory and the prize of Community Recall.

Tune in to watch each tournament's semis and grand finals on our EGL Twitch.

Eight Tournaments
EMEA 40+ Countries
€8000 Up for Grabs

Frequently Asked Questions

Once logged in, you can create a team by clicking on your User Avatar and then selecting "Create Team" from the drop down menu.
You can invite members to your team by clicking on your avatar in the top right, selecting which team you wish to manage and then clicking on the 'Members' tab. The search form will autocomplete on the players' username.
You can see all match fixtures for your team on your Dashboard.
You can report the result of your team's match by clicking on the match fixture shown on the 'Fixtures and Results' page. Please note that only team Captains and Co-Captains are able to report the result of a match.
If your opponent has reported the incorrect score for your match, please select the 'Dispute' button found under the match fixture page.

You will be given the option to provide further details before the match is placed into dispute. Please provide as much information as possible and include any evidence if you have any.
Upon completion of the tournament cash prize winners will be contacted from our prizing platform via the email it was provided while registering to arrange payment.
Community Recall