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SIGNUPS ARE NOW OPEN FOR THE 2022 Naraka:Bladepoint Morus Cup!

The Morus Cup is open to players across North, Central and South America; competing for the ultimate glory of their region. Registration is open NOW as players battle through the gauntlet of rounds to reach the Grand Finals. We'll be live on taking you through the action! If you have any more questions head down to our FAQ to find out more - we'll see you in Celestra!

$15,000 Prize Pool



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Open Qualifiers
Trios June 18th
Solos June 12th
4:00PM PDT / 7:00 PM EDT
Semi Finals
Solos June 19th
4:00PM PDT / 7:00 PM EDT
Grand Finals
Trios June 25th
Solos June 26th
4:00PM PDT / 7:00 PM EDT
Naraka Morus Cup - Divider Naraka Morus Cup - Divider


Solo Scoring

Placement Kill Multiplier Base Points
1 1.6 4
2 1.6 3
3 1.5 2
4 1.5 1.5
5 1.4 1.5
6 1.4 1
7 1.3 1
8 1.3 .5
9 1.2 .5
10 1.2 0
11-13 1.1 0
14-16 1 0

Trios Scoring

Placement Kill Multiplier Base Points
1 1.6 5
2 1.6 3
3 1.5 3
4 1.5 2
5 1.4 2
6 1.4 1
7 - 8 1.3 1
9-10 1.2 0.5
11-13 1.1 0.5
14 1.1 0
15-16 1 0

Hero Point System

In the finals lobby of games for both solos and trios, a hero points system will be used. This is meant to deter teams from using the same composition across all 6 matches.

TRIOS: If a team in exceeds 15 points, their score in the match that they exceed 15 will be nullified.

SOLOS: If a player uses a hero more than 3 times, their score in the match that they exceed this count will be nullified.

Trios Hero Points Scoring System

Times Hero Used Point Addition
1 0
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 5

Trios Hero Points Example Table

Game Hero 1 Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero Point Total Points Nullified?
Game 1 Yoto Hime Viper Ning Temulch 0 No
Game 2 Yoto Hime Viper Ning Temulch 3 No
Game 3 Yoto Hime Viper Ning Temulch 9 No
Game 4 Yoto Hime Viper Ning Temulch 18 Yes

The first use is free and will result in 0 points added. The 15 point total cannot be breached cumulatively. The penalty will increase the more times that a character is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an entry fee?

    No! The season will be free to enter and compete in. You only need to have NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and an EGL account.

  • Which game mode is the tournament played in?

    The Morus Cup will feature both Solos and Trios, each with their own separate prize pool of $10,000 for Trios and $5,000 for Solos. Each tournament will be played on Immortal War.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can find the signup page for Solos here. The signup page for Trios is here. Please note, you will need both a Naraka: Bladepoint and EGL account to proceed!

  • Where can I get more information?

    Click on the Register buttons to be taken to the specific pages for these tournaments, here you will find the rulebook and more details.

    Please also join the NARAKA:BLADEPOINT NA Scrims Discord where you can find more information and chat with other players!

  • How is competitive Naraka:BLADEPOINT played?

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a Battle Royale game where you or your Trio are placed into a lobby of 15 other players / teams in a fight to find the last one standing! You will be awarded points at the end of each match based on how long you survive and how many kills you get.

  • Will my match be broadcast?

    We'll be broadcasting the Final on Players will play online from home so as to alleviate any concerns regarding COVID-19 and travel.

  • How will I know who I play against on tournament day?

    EGL will post your lobby assignment on both our website and the NARAKA:BLADEPOINT NA Scrims Discord.

  • Is this tournament region restricted?

    This tournament is region locked to players from The Americas.
    In order to allow pings to be at a reasonable level for high level play, this tournament will open to players on the North American server only. Please stay tuned to @NARAKATHEGAME and @EGL on Twitter for potential information about tournaments in other regions!

Naraka 2022 Morus Cup