We’re back with another Season of MARVEL SNAP Snap Masters! We’re excited to announce Season 2 of our Snap Masters tournament series starting this weekend, May 6th. We were absolutely blown away by the dedication of the MS community that we knew the right thing to do was to make another season for competitors!

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Players will compete in 6 qualifying tournaments - 2 dedicated tournaments per week. You can also earn qualifier points in Snap Wars tournaments! The top 14 players with the most points at the end of the month will receive invitations to the playoffs on April 29th.


Our format for Season 2 hasn’t changed, but if you’re new to EGL here’s a simple overview of what you can expect!

  • Players that have qualified in a Snap Masters tournament and later win a Snap Wars tournament will still earn points, however, as they have already made it to the playoffs they will not receive any advantage.
  • 18 players will be invited by winning Snap Masters S2 qualifiers.
  • If Snap Masters qualifiers are on the top 14 leaderboard, the next player below them who hasn’t qualified will receive qualification.
  • COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION! Players CAN change their decks in between rounds!

With S2 we’re keeping things simple by not making any changes to the format and prize pool. S1 seemed to be exactly what players wanted, and we’re committed to giving players the best tournament experience.

Register for Snap Masters tournaments below!

Registration is now available! Register for the available tournaments listed below. Remember, if you won a qualifier you do not need to compete in another. But you’re welcome to keep competing in Snap Wars!

Season 1 Mission Report

We first began tournaments in February with our weekly/regional tournaments for Snap Wars. The amount of growth we’ve seen from players was an incredible sight, so it was an obvious decision that we create a tournament deserving of such dedication. When we introduced Snap Wars to you, our registration for SW nearly DOUBLED in registration and Snap Masters led the pack with its lucrative prize pool. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share these experiences with you! Take a look at some Snap Masters stats!

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Thank you to everyone who competed in our MARVEL SNAP tournaments. We’re extremely proud of the community we’ve created and the destination we’ve become. We’ll see you in the arena with more tournaments to come!


- EGL Team

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Marvel Snap Snap Masters Season 2 Announcement