Snakebyte RING:KIT S Nintendo Switch Review

By Pointus Blankus on 16th November 2020

The Snakebyte RING:KIT S for Nintendo Switch is pretty self-explanatory and a very basic accessory designed for gamers who own Ring Fit Adventure. With this in mind, it’s not an accessory for every Switch owner. Only if you own the Ring Fit game, does owning one of these make any sense.

Essentially, the RING:KIT S is a strap for your leg. It allows you to mount a Joy-Con on your leg in order to take part in some of the modes in the Ring Fit game. The elastic nature of the strap ensures that gamers with skinny or slightly larger legs can use the attachment with relative ease.

The actual strap is designed to be work slightly above the knee and the length of the entire belt is 56cm. There is a pocket that houses your Joy-Con controller, and it sits very snugly without any risk of falling off when in use.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the RING:KIT S is that it is entirely machine washable, which is absolutely vital considering you’re likely to get a sweat on whilst playing the game.

In addition, the RING:KIT S comes with two non-slip grips that you would put on the actual ring itself, in order to act as comfortable grips. These are made of foam and therefore are breathable and ensure that you’ll get a great grip. It is also stated that the material will prevent any odours from gamers who tend to sweat a fair emount!

Although we don’t own the Ring Fit game, we are aware that the actual game already comes with a leg strap and some grips for the ring. Therefore, the RING:KIT S really acts as a backup in case your current ones break. My issue with the RING:KIT S is the price. Amazon currently sells this for £24.99, and this seems a little excessive especially since there are a lot of alternatives in the market for a fraction of the price. Although I can’t comment on the quality of those products, I can’t imagine how the quality of a leg strap and pieces of foam for hand grips can be vastly different. Had this been sold for approximately £10, I’d definitely recommend it. At the current price point, I am concerned that Snakebyte will struggle to shift many units.   

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Snakebyte RING:KIT S Nintendo Switch Review