22nd July - 7th August 2016 Science Museum, London

Power UP is the perfect, family-friendly summer holiday solution for kids who are dying to spend their scant few weeks of liberty hitting gadget overload, and mums and dads who'd rather their pixelated progeny got some culture along with their consoles.

This hands-on, fully interactive gaming event features the very best video games and consoles from the past 30 years, and is as much a social and technological history as it is a full-on player's bonanza of the greatest games ever made.

With classic games both old and new on offer, from Pong and Pacman to Lego and Halo, there's something to suit beginners and experts, competitive parents, multiplayers, retro fans and everybody else in between. If you're a gamer girl or boy, get ready to give your thumbs the workout of a lifetime and enjoy a museum experience like no other.

Tickets: £8 per person / £19 for family of 3 / £23 for family of 4

Sessions: 11:00 / 12:45 / 14:40 / 16:15 BST

Venue: Science Museum, London

Nearest Tube Station: South Kensginton