Ghostrunner Teaser Trailer & BETA Sign Up Now Open

By Lisa MacLean on 31st August 2020

This past weekend saw Gamescom's featuring many new titles and news, with one them being Ghostrunner which was showcased during the Gamescom's Awesome Indies section of the weekend! The Ghostrunner Teaser shows off the neon lights filled city and the first-person playstyle, as we see the main character running on the walls and slicing their foes with an awesome monomolecular katana!

All in! Games | Ghostrunner | Official Gamescom 2020 Teaser

The Teaser Trailer states that more news will come on the 15th of September! Whilst the developers All in! Games announced also that there will be a closed beta that you can now sign up for by joining their official Discord Server and then by filling out an Application Form. Registration for the beta will close on September 13th, so if you haven't signed up so far, get on it!

IGN | Ghostrunner Gameplay | gamescom 2020

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