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Frequently Asked Questions

Gnasher Clash is a 2v2 tournament series for Gears 5 players in Europe, supported by The Coalition and Microsoft!

Duos will battle it out every fortnight, for cash prizes and a place in the Gnasher Clash Playoffs for the winning team. The Qualifying teams will then battle it out for a chance to win $1500! 2nd Place will be awarded $500 with 1st place taking home $1000!

$1,000 up for grabs each week!

For every qualifier, teams will have the chance to compete for cash prizes and a spot in the playoffs!

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


Gnasher Clash Playoffs

The eight duo's that take 1st place in each qualifier will gain a spot in the Gnasher Clash Playoffs, held and broadcasted live on 2nd July 2020.

1st place


2nd place


Frequently Asked Questions

1. After I win a spot in the playoffs can I enter into the other qualifiers?

Yes you can but if you win again the spot in the playoffs will go to the 2nd place winner as you cannot claim two spots in the playoff.

2. After I gain a spot in the playoffs can I change my duo partner?

No, you must play with the exact same team that you won your place in the finals with.

3. How do I claim my prize?

We will email users regarding prizing after the tournament has ended, once we have acquired your payment details the prize payments will be paid as soon as possible.

4. Where will the playoffs be held?

The playoffs will be held online, so you will play from the comfort of your home or wherever you choose to play on the day.

5. Can I have a substitute player on the day of the tournament?

No. The team members that are registered on the roster to play within the tournament must be the users that are playing in the tournament.

6. What if I am not available for the playoffs?

Then you must let us know as soon as possible so that we can award the spot in the finals to the team that came 2nd in the tournament that your team won.

Gnasher Clash