Open Series Split #3

By Riley on 12th April 2021

Open Series Split #3

We’re pleased to announce that the Weekly Tournaments will begin on the 2nd of May and continue for 8 weeks until the Split Finals which will happen across the 3rd & 4th of July, 2021

Dropping the competition time from 10 to 8 weeks, we feel will give players more to play for across those weeks and make the last few weeks more impactful as there is less chance to get points in order to boost your rank. Ranking points will be distributed for an individual players placement in the tournament, with players freely able to move between teams without penalty. 

The Split Finals will return with a Double-Elimination bracket seeing the best teams compete for an enhanced prize pool of $3,500 in each region. Seeding for the Split Finals will be based on a cumulative teams EGL Ranking Points (EGL RP). 

Again the competition will be mirrored across South America and Europe and we’re excited to see the growth of both regions as we push on through this Split! 

Over the last few weeks and the coming weekends before the May 2nd start of Split #3 we’ll continue to run tournaments testing the new game mode, Control and in the next week we’ll add Execution 2.0. The update to the game mode was released in the developer's blog, we’d encourage all players to take part in these tournaments in order to provide feedback which will inform our ruleset for Split #3. 

Split #2 saw Team Enemies in the South American region and Highly Rated out of Europe take home the championship at the end of 10 weeks and the Split Finals. We’re excited to see if they’ll be able to hold onto their crown or if new blood is able to take over. 

Tournaments will be live in the coming weeks as we gear up for the start of Split #3!

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