EGL Gears 5 Open Series Split #2 Announcement

By EGL_Admin on 4th January 2021

EGL Gears 5 Open Series Split #2 Announcement

The EGL Open Series was created to give regular, community-level competition to players in a format that was accessible to all in order to build up the Gears community-based in Europe and South America. 

The formula was simple, a weekly tournament at an accessible time to all (Sunday Afternoons-Evening) with a cash prize making it attractive but not the overriding reason for play. The Split would then end with a larger prize pool tournament in order to attract more teams and crown an end of Split Champion!

The first split saw $15,000 of prize money given away, we saw player numbers double from the point of the previous season, as hundreds of players joined in Europe, with South America also seeing steady growth in players.  

Split #2 - 2021

This moves us onto Split #2, we’re going to continue with the same format of weekly tournaments with a final at the end of the Split. However, we’ll make some rule changes and gameplay updates to move with the times. 

Firstly, EGL Ranking Points (RP) accumulated from Split #1 will occur a 90% decay, meaning for week 1 you’ll be seeded based on previous performance but new players to the Open Series can get to the top without an impossible total to catch up on. EGL RP will be accumulated in the same way with the amount distributed depending on the number of participating teams in that tournament.

4v4 and Crossplay

We’ve listened to player feedback from the EGL Gears 5 Open Series, so in line with the publisher program we will move to 4v4 gameplay. We’re hoping that this will see more players compete as the requirement for building a team will reduce by 1 player. 

The other major change we’re bringing to Open Series is that we’re allowing crossplay, with players on PC able to compete using a controller. Players choosing to use a PC will be required to stream their gameplay and limit their FOV to 80. All PC players will need to show these settings on stream before the start of the match. 

These rule changes will be constantly under review. In the coming days and first weeks of the Open Series, we encourage you to test them out in scrims and share your feedback with us. 

Weekly EGL Broadcasts

The first tournament for both Europe and South America will be starting on the 10th of January at the same time slot as the previous Split. EGL and our partners in South America, ApXs will be broadcasting games from both regions.  

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