Snakebyte TWIN:CHARGE 5 & SX Review

By Pointus Blankus on 25th November 2020

The Snakebyte TWIN:CHARGE 5 (PS5) and TWIN:CHARGE SX (Xbox Series X) are my two favourite products of the Snakebyte lineup for next-generation gaming. Simply put, the TWIN:CHARGE 5 is Snakebyte’s answer to Sony’s official DualSense charging station, at a cheaper price. Microsoft doesn’t actually have a similar offering for the new Xbox; the most they offer is a battery pack to convert their controllers into rechargeable ones.

The TWIN:CHARGE is intended to charge a maximum of two controllers at the same time via a single cable. If you’ve invested in a next-generation gaming console, it is extremely likely that you’ll also want to purchase a charging station to let your controllers charge freely when not in use. The benefit of the TWIN:CHARGE is that you can simply sit a controller on the unit and it will start charging, with a light to indicate that it is in charge mode.

The TWIN:CHARGE 5 retails at £19.99. In comparison, Sony’s official offering charges you closer to £25. Although an extra £5 may entice you to purchase Sony’s model, it is almost impossible to get your hands on the DualSense charging station right now. To add, I genuinely believe that Snakebyte’s offering looks much better, but we’ll get to that later in the review.


The TWIN:CHARGE SX retails at £29.99. Although it is £10 more expensive than the PS5 counterpart, there are a few very good reasons for this. Firstly, the Xbox Series X does not come with a rechargeable controller. This means that the TWIN:CHARGE SX not only comes with the actual charging station, but also a couple of rechargeable battery packs that replace your standard AA batteries. These battery packs have some metallic plates on the back that will sit on the TWIN:CHARGE SX in order to charge. In addition, Microsoft doesn’t actually have an official offering for a charging station yet, so Snakebyte can afford to price this a little steeper. Again, the aesthetics of the TWIN:CHARGE SX would also play a huge part in the price, which I will cover later.

Functionally, the TWIN:CHARGE does exactly what it says on the box. It took me two minutes to unbox and set both of them up. It is worth noting that for the TWIN:CHARGE SX, it will only work with the new Xbox Series X controllers. Although people think that they are the same as the Xbox One controllers, the shape is slightly different between the two controllers. I tried putting on one of the rechargeable battery packs provided by Snakebyte on an Xbox One controller, and it didn’t work. Therefore, the TWIN:CHARGE SX is exclusively for the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

The moment you place a controller on one of the grooves, the TWIN:CHARGE an LED light will show the charging status in the front of the charging station. If you take one of the controllers off, the light will switch off. I also noticed that the light switches to blue when the controller is fully charged. My controllers charged at a reasonable pace. If you leave them charging overnight, they will certainly be fully charged by the time you wake up.

There are a huge amount of third-party charging stations for the next-gen consoles that have already hit the market, along with Sony’s official DualSense charging station. However, the Snakebyte offerings trump the competition in a variety of different ways.

Firstly, the TWIN:CHARGE 5 only needs a single USB-C input (the other side is USB-A) in order to power on. Therefore, you can connect it to the back of your PS5 and give power to the charging station. You can also just connect it to a wall plug if you have a separate USB-A input or power adapter. Although we haven’t yet tried Sony’s official offering, I am aware that the official DualSense charging station comes with its own AC adapter. You don’t have the freedom to plug it into your PS5.


Secondly (and this is purely objective), I personally feel that the Snakebyte offering actually looks more authentic. The official charging station has very straight and flat side plates, but the actual PS5’s main attraction is that it is full of curves. The TWIN:CHARGE 5 does a better job at mirroring the curves of the PS5 and therefore looks more authentic sitting next to the console. The only slight drawback (depending on how much it means to you) is that unlike the official Sony offering, the TWIN:CHARGE 5 doesn’t have the tiny PlayStation shapes embossed subtly onto the plastic.

This leads me onto the actual aesthetics of the TWIN:CHARGE. Snakebyte has hit a homerun in this department, since the TWIN:CHARGE for both consoles is specifically designed to mirror the looks of their corresponding consoles. As mentioned, the TWIN:CHARGE 5 has the curved side plates in an off-white colour with a black charging unit in the middle. The TWIN:CHARGE SX on the other hand is black (you can get a white one to match the Series S), and is designed with holes on the top that mirror the holes on top of the Series X to let the heat out! The TWIN:CHARGE SX even has an LED light in the front that somewhat mirrors the disc drive’s position on the Series X console. I cannot stress enough how much the TWIN:CHARGE units look so incredibly authentic, and this is what I love the most about this crucial accessory.

Regardless of whether you purchased the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll want a charging station for your countless hours of gaming. If you’re looking for a solution that not only does the job without the need for an additional power adapter, but also visually looks the best sitting next to your console, the Snakebyte TWIN:CHARGE 5 for PS5 and TWIN:CHARGE SX for Xbox Series X get my thumbs up. 

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