Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER 5 Review

By Pointus Blankus on 19th November 2020

The entire gaming community is excited about the launch of next-gen consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X is just what we needed to end a terrible 2020. Along with the launch of these consoles, gamers will be equally as excited to get their hands on as many accessories as possible to compliment their shiny new (and in the PS5’s case, massive) toys. Although the typical accessories would be additional controllers, charging stations and headsets, there is also a huge market for gamers who want to go the extra mile by adding a storage solution to their setup. This is where the Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER 5 for PlayStation 5 comes into play. Although this is marketed as a product designed for the PS5, the generic nature of the tower means that you can probably use it for Xbox as well.

The GAMES:TOWER 5 is a simple accessory. It is designed to let you neatly store up to 10 of your favourite games, and up to 4 controllers neatly in a tower. There is also an extra compartment at the bottom that acts as a drawer for your media remote or any other smaller accessories such as cables.

The design is relatively simple. The major part of the tower is used to house the slots for your 10 games. Unfortunately, the console’s launch lineup isn’t very strong, but thankfully with backwards compatibility, you’ll end up using those 10 slots for some PS4 games too. On each side of the tower are two hooks to house two controllers. The great benefit of these hooks is that they do not have to be PS5 controllers. PS4 controllers work equally as well on them, which again is going to please a lot of gamers since the PS4 controllers will work on the PS5 console for backwards compatible games. You can even mount your Xbox controllers on here if you want. If you’re the type of gamer who owns many consoles (apart from the Switch), you can essentially use this tower to house a controller for each console!

The drawer compartment at the bottom doesn’t have a ton of space, but can place your PS5 media remote or anything of a similar size. I started using it to put some charging cables away when I didn’t need them.

Essentially, the GAMES:TOWER 5 acts as a storage solution for your console(s). It’s quite compact and Snakebyte hit the sweet spot by supporting 10 games. It is extremely unlikely that you’re going to switch between more than 10 games frequently, not to mention that many of us players also purchase our games digitally.

There is no charging solution with the GAMES:TOWER 5. This is purely an organization unit. It would have been extremely handy to be able to charge your PS5 controllers as they sit on the hooks, but perhaps this is something Snakebyte can look into as a future product.

At an RRP of just £19.99, you’re getting a multi-functional organization unit that takes care of all of the important accessories that you’ll need for your PS5 or Xbox Series X. I do however have two suggestions for improvement. The GAMES:TOWER 5 should ideally have a way for you to dock your headset. Every hardcore gamer will own a headset, but there is no way to dock your headset onto this. Secondly, if this were a PS5-themed tower, I would have liked the colours of the unit to match the white PS5. Snakebyte did this with some of their other PS5 accessories, but the GAMES:TOWER 5 didn’t get the same treatment. I’m not too bothered about the latter issue, since I understand that the company wanted to minimize the number of SKUs for a generic games tower.

All in all, if you’re looking to expand your arsenal of accessories for next-gen consoles, I would highly recommend looking into the Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER 5 as your solution for organizing your controllers, games and smaller accessories. 

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