Snakebyte DUAL CHARGE:BASE S Review

By Pointus Blankus on 16th November 2020

The Nintendo Switch isn’t a console that gets heavily featured on EGL, purely because it originally wasn’t intended for eSports gaming. However, it is also true that the Switch features some of the most exciting console-exclusives of the current generation, with Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Ultimate leading the way. Although the Switch comes with a pair of Joy-Con controllers, they aren’t designed for the hardcore gamer. Anyone who takes Smash Bros seriously will have already bought a Pro Controller. In addition, most Switch owners also have a second pair of Joy-Cons if they play with friends and family members. All of this, bundled with the fact that the Switch’s controllers do not require separate batteries, paves the way for an all-in-one charging station. The Snakebyte DUAL CHARGE:BASE S does exactly this. This multi-functional solution will allow you to charge your console, up to four Joy-Cons and even a Pro Controller simultaneously. In addition, it acts as an organization unit for your games as it can store up to 10 of your favourite games.

The entire unit is made out of durable plastic, which naturally might not feel like a premium product, but also significantly reduces the cost for the gamer. The unboxing experience is relatively straightforward, with the actual unit, a 1.2m USB-C charging cable and an adapter.

What’s fantastic about the overall design of the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S is that it manages to give you the ability to dock all of your essential peripherals in quite a small amount of space. There are specific ports designed for each piece of hardware and you can’t mix and match them. For example, there is a specific section for the console, and you can’t use that for the Pro Controller. The front of the entire unit also has lights to give you indication of the current charging status.

Two of the Joy-Con controllers would be charged just by being attached to the actual console. This is essentially similar to what Nintendo already provides. However, the entire unit also has two extra grooves (one on each side) for a second Joy-Con pair. You can slide those through as well (we unfortunately don’t own a second pair of Joy-Cons).

The front of the unit has three LED lights. The left and right light let you know the charging status of the second pair of Joy-Cons and the final light is for your Pro Controller. What this means is that you can get an idea of the charging status of all of your devices and charge them all at the same time too. The back of the entire unit is where you can stand up some additional games. Personally, I feel that the rear of the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S is a little too deep and could be made slimmer.

My only drawback is that I would have preferred the unit to support charging for up to two Pro controllers. After all, if I’m playing Smash Bros with a friend offline, it is likely that both of us will want to use the Pro controller. In order for the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S to be truly compatible for an eSports gamer, you ideally need compatibility for two Pro controllers.

At a price point of £29.99, what you’re getting is a highly functional unit that will store and charge all of your important Switch hardware. Technically, you can find cheaper solutions in the market, however Snakebyte is one of the more reputable providers of accessories, and the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S does look different to the competition. Ultimately, it comes down to the gamer’s preference on which solution they like the look of more. However it is important to note that if you separately purchased Nintendo’s official charging stations for all of the same accessories, you’d be paying a massive premium. As an example, Nintendo sells a charging station for a pair of Joy-Cons and a Pro controller. However this alone is close to £25. With the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S, you can charge two pairs of Joy-Cons, the Pro controller, the console and store up to 10 games for essentially a similar price. As far as charging stations for the Switch go, the Snakebyte DUAL CHARGE:BASE S is the best multi-functional solution that I have used to date, although it only slightly falls short due to the support for only one Pro controller. 

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