Halo Infinite Master Chief Reveal

By Riley on 21st July 2020

Halo Infinite Master Chief Reveal 

We can now stop the rumour mill, and all calm down a bit, until Thursday when Microsoft’s showcase will begin. Master Chief has not undergone a huge redesign and complete new look and feel for the release of Halo Infinite

The iconic green suit has a couple of slight changes with the visor colour edited but on the whole Master Chief is what we all remember. 

The rumour mill was swirling that with Infinite we would see something totally different but it’s not to be, and in our opinion at EGL, that’s a good thing. We want to get back to classic Halo gameplay both in Multiplayer and Campaign. 


Phil Spencer from Xbox did say that on the journey of making Halo games for so many years that they’ve learned a lot and could be seeing new ‘structural’ changes to Halo. While we’re not too sure what that means, Halo is in safe hands and we can’t wait to find out any Halo news!

More will be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase at 4PM BST on Thursday 23rd July - that’s right, a good time for us Europeans! 

We’re expected to see information on more titles due to be released on the new Xbox Series X console with possibly some more information on the console capabilities, but one thing we’re not expected to hear is a release date. It’ll still be ‘Holiday’ of 2020 and we’re eagerly waiting for Microsoft to narrow this down for us.

You can check out the full showcase which will cover a range of games HERE, and we’ll bring you some of the highlights at EGL.TV 

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