GTA V: Weekly Update - 18 June 2020

By Lisa MacLean on 19th June 2020

GTA 5 Online has had its weekly update and it's all about speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! All Open Wheel Race series this week are paying out double cash rewards, so put your racing overalls on and claim that finish line.

Triple Rewards on Parachute Races

If your not the best racer on the track or you just like to pursue the more death defying activities in life, then why not participate in a Parachute Race whilst it has triple the rewards for GTA$ & RP.

Nothing Better Than Freebies

Nobody can say they do not like a freebies here and there, so if you are in need of some new vehicles especially with the rewards this week, then don't miss out on these cracking freebies!


-  Coil USA Tee


-  BF Raptor
-  Principe Nemesis
-  Shitzu Hakuchou
-  Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer

New Podium Vehicle

This weeks Diamond Casino & Resort Podium vehicle is the Ocelot R88. With this weeks race rewards this car will sure be racking up your bank balance quite a bit (if you spin a winning wheel that is)!

Podium Vehicle - GTA V

Business Discounts

Have you been winning at the races and need something new in your life? Then check out this weeks business discounts and start earning some real cash in San Andreas:

40% Off Executive Offices

-  Maze Bank West
-  Arcadius Business Center
-  Lombank West
-  Maze Bank Tower

30% Off Executive Office Customizations

-  Interiors
-  Organization Name Change
-  Money Safe
-  Gun Locker
-  Accommodations

50% Off Large Special Cargo Warehouses

-  Wholesale Furniture
-  West Vinewood Backlot
-  Xero Gas Factory
-  Logistics Depot
-  Bilgeco Warehouse
-  Walker & Sons Warehouse
-  Cypress Warehouses
-  Darnel Bros Warehouse

Vehicle Discounts

Got a tonne of money but don't know what to spend it on? Well well take a look at this weeks discounted vehicles if you haven't already purchased some of the other discounted offers this week:

35% Off

-  Ocelot Stromberg

40% Off

-  Vapid Flash GT
-  Itali GTB
-  Coil Rocket Voltic

Twitch Prime Discounts

GTA Online players who have connected their Twitch Prime accounts to Social Club and play GTA Online at any point between June 18th and 25th receive a GTA$200,000 bonus that will be deposited in their Maze Bank account within 72 hours. And if you’ve been playing the past two weeks already and received those bonuses – make sure to keep the streak alive this week and next in order to earn an extra windfall next week and bonuses totaling GTA$1,000,000.
You can also still get a rebate on the base purchase price of the Pixel Pete’s Arcade property plus special discounts on the Declasse Mamba roadster (70% off) and the V-65 Molotok plane (80% off).

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