Ultimate TOTSSF Repeated In Upcoming Weekend League!

By Chris Tunn on 10th June 2020

In a surprising announcement, EA have shared that the rewards for the upcoming Weekend League will be the Ultimate TOTSSF once again.

Of course, the Rest of the World TOTSSF will be alongside it, but this will be taken as a win for the FIFA community. With 3 99 rated cards alongside Neymar and a plethora of other monstrous cards, players will be hoping for more juiced cards for their squads.

Alongside this, EA have revealed that they will restart the TOTW on the 24th June. The community is curious about this considering they will be nowhere near as good as the current TOTSSF cards that are out. It’s yet to be seen how EA will rate these cards, but hopefully, they will be in line with end game rated teams.

Time to lock in your sweaty squads once again for the weekend!

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