​Playstation 5 Launch Event Coming in June!

By Riley on 31st May 2020

Playstation 5 Launch Event Coming in June! PS5 

That’s right, we’re getting a look into the world of Playstation 5 in early June, June 4th to be exact! 

It’ll start at 9PM BST / 4PM ET / 10PM CET and last for roughly an hour with it likely to be jam packed full of exclusives, first looks and stunning visuals. 

The conference-style shows are meant to replace the events which haven’t been able to go ahead which means that we’re getting an event solely focused on Playstation. They’ll have all the eyes of the gaming community and need to show something cool to keep the attention. 

PS5 Launch Event

The content of the show hasn’t yet been revealed other than saying there’ll be a ‘series of updates’ - which is fairly vague…. 

We’re hoping that Playstation follow Microsoft’s standard and release a bunch of gameplay that’ll be on the console so we can actually see what we’ll be able to play and how it looks. Aside from that, a look at the actual console would be good too! It’s nice to know what space we’ll need to carve out of our desks.

Microsoft has been first with two shows launching the Xbox Series X with a look at the hardware on both third-party and first-party developers new titles coming to the console. 

We’ve still not yet been given a release date for either console but due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is some concern that consoles won’t be ready or in high enough quantities to supply demand. 

Playstation CEO Jim Ryan said 
‘We remain absolutely on track, we're going to launch this holiday, we will have a global launch. And where we're greatly looking forward to it. And we very much want the gaming world to look forward to it, too."

Good news for us gamers, one of the concerns has been a staggered release across the world to allow for supply to catch up with global demand. While we’re happy to wait a day or two, weeks or months would deflate some of the hype out of the PS5 launch. 

Will you be picking up the new Playstation on launch?

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