Serie A TOTSSF Revealed!

By Chris Tunn on 22nd May 2020

It’s 6 pm on a Friday, and the Serie A team has been released!

With plenty of familiar faces, weekend league is sure to hot up now that the rewards are in front of us! Let’s delve into some of the cards you’ll be looking at to bolster your team!

Firstly, let’s talk about everyone’s friend Cristiano Ronaldo. Coming in with another 99 rated card, he will be the one everyone wants to pull in their red picks. Very similar to his TOTY card, this will set you back 6-7 million coins. It does have a couple of stats that are slightly better than his TOTY showing, with a +1 on his acceleration, sprint speed, agility, and dribbling, whilst he loses some defensive statistics that won’t really make a difference. This is the best CR7 on FIFA 20, and will be expensive for the rest of the game cycle.

Lautaro Martinez gets himself a 96 rated card, with big improvements on his future stars showing earlier in the year. It’s a very attractive looking card, with 96 base sprint speed and acceleration, whilst hitting the 99 aggression and 99 strength that plenty of players love to see. Of course finishing and agility are all up to scratch, making this one of the most desirable strikers in the game. Currently, he’s extinct at 1.9m...

Other noteworthy players include Paulo Dybala, who currently sits at 1.2 million coins. This card obviously has plenty of inflated statistics, but the one that has made him look a little more attractive is the boost to 4* WF. He will be ridiculous in CAM for any squad that can fit him in. 

In midfield, there’s a lot of great CM options available. Alberto, Milinkovic-Savic, and Nainggolan all have sensationally rounded cards. 

Nainggolan is currently the pick of the bunch at 1.2m coins but boasts the best stats. With high/high work rates and the crucial 99 stamina, this card could play anywhere down the middle of your midfield.

The defensive side of things does a job too, with Hernandez, Manolas, and Smalling all ticking the right boxes. Manolas is probably the pick of the CB’s, although his nationality will let him down in terms of linkability. However, his pretty much maxed out defensive and physical stats might make you think about that Greek hybrid squad.

Hernandez is definitely worth talking about too, sitting in at LB. 500k is his price, which is hefty for a left-back. However, this isn’t just any left-back. With nearly maxed out pace stats on top of 99 shot power and great passing, he can get forward very easily. Defensively he does the job, however the 78 defensive awareness does make you question how he’d do, but going forward down the line is where his strengths lie.

Overall, Serie A hasn’t disappointed with its high end, but the low end does make it scary when it comes to rewards. Not too dissimilar to the Bundesliga, there are a good few picks that will not do anything for most teams.

Let us know who you’re looking for in your picks, alongside CR7, anyway...

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