Valorant Release Date - June 2nd! New Agents, Map & Game Mode!

By Riley on 21st May 2020

Valorant Release Date - June 2nd! New Agents, Map & Game Mode!

The Riot Games FPS title which has burst onto the scene is being given a full release possibly before most of us thought it would!

The game entered closed beta with Riot Games giving top streamers ‘drops’ in their broadcasts whereby fans watching could earn access into the beta. This continued as more and more players were given access to the game. Since it’s beta release there’s been very few problems and issues arising which may contribute to the release coming so soon.

The closed beta will come to an end on the 28th May - so you’ve not got long to keep playing…

The full title will be released on June 2nd so there’s a few days in between you’ll need to find a new hobby! 

Valorant Agents

Along with the release comes a new game mode which we don’t know how it’ll play out but we’re hoping for the rumours of a deathmatch style being confirmed.

Possibly most excitingly is a new map to play the current mode is coming and leaks suggest this could be named ‘Ascent’, there’s some videos online of the leaks if you look hard enough!

We’ve not heard much on the new agent but we’ll keep you posted when we hear anything!

Let us know what you’ll be doing during the gap between closed beta ending and the full release in June!

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