GTA V: Weekly Update - 14 May 2020

By Lisa MacLean on 14th May 2020

GTA 5 Onlines weekly update is here and the rewards are not one to be dismissed! If you didn't know though, you can also receive $500,000 GTA$ when you play GTA Online, the cash will be credited to your account within 7 days of playing Online, the offer will be throughout the whole of May and it is a one time gift, save it for a rainy day or spend it on one the weekly deals mentioned below!

Double Rewards on Gunrunning

This weeks update includes double rewards on Gunrunning Sell Missions and Increased Research Speed! Take advantage of the increased Research Speed because once its gone you will surely notice the length of time it takes normally. As well as the previously mentioned, all Pistols are free at Ammu-Nation, we didn't get that wrong, I repeat all of them are free this week and it is also double rewards for the Bunker Series.

All Pistols Are FREE - GTA V

Bunker Discounts

40% Off Bunkers & 30% Off Bunker Upgrade & Add-Ons

All bunkers are currently on sale at 40% off this week so if you need somewhere to research your guns or just more storage perhaps get on this deal as you will be saving a great deal of cash by doing so. If you already have your ideal bunker then why not kit it our with 30% off upgrades and add on's?

New Podium Vehicle

This weeks Diamond Casino & Resort Podium vehicle is the Grotti Itali GTO wrapped in the Urban Racer liverly. If the bright yellow design covered in all sorts of graffiti type designs doesn't grab your attention then we don't know what will!

Podium Vehicle - GTA V

Vehicle Discounts

There are some beautiful cars up for sale this week, so if your garage is looking a little empty or you just feel like spoiling yourself then look no further than the cars on offer below:

30% Off

-  Progen Emerus
-  HVY Nightshark

40% Off

-  Överflöd Entity XXR
-  Karin Sultan RS

Twitch Prime Discounts

GTA Online players who connect their Twitch Prime account to Social Club get a rebate on the Pixel Pete’s Arcade base property in Paleto Bay, and can also purchase the Pfister 811 hyper-car for 80% off and the Declasse Drift Yosemite pick-up truck for 60% off this week. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Twitch Prime and sign up.

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