Super Lig TOTSSF Announced!

By Chris Tunn on 11th May 2020

With weekend league completed, FIFA fans wait for their rewards on Thursday with bated breath. Wondering if Messi is on the horizon. Probably not.

This week’s secondary TOTSSF is the Turkish Super Lig! With a plethora of nationalities we’re not too sure if there’s a great deal that will fit many people’s clubs, but super subs a-plenty seem to be the name of the game.

Let’s start with someone in what feels like every single one of my 100k packs. Edin Visca will link to Mirilam Pjanic, but that’s about it. However, his card does look fairly ridiculous. Every stat you’d like to be over 90 is, with a base card stat of 96 pace, 90 shooting, 91 passing, and 94 dribbling. Not sure it’s making me feel the need to enter next WL with a full Super Lig squad, but he looks very dangerous. 4* weak foot and 4* skills accompany him, and honestly he wouldn’t do a bad job across the front like if you can squeeze him in between a couple of icons. 99 stamina on top of all of this means he’s lasting the full 90. As of 30 minutes, since he went into packs, he’s sitting at 215k on both consoles, but we expect him to drop to around 150k or so.

Next to highlight is someone a little bit more ‘linkable’. Max Kruse of Fenerbahce looks VERY good. With great positioning, finishing, short passing, vision, and composure he could play a very nice role in CAM. A boost to his agility and balance wouldn’t go amiss, and whacking an engine card on him bumps his acceleration to 98 and his top speed at 95. With decent links due to his German nationality, he’s currently sat at 290k on PS4 and a whopping 176k on the Xbox, so expect the PS side of things to drop to in and around 200k. Not a bad card to have off the bench either!

Mariano of Galatasaray is another curious card. He’s a Brazillian right back so can link to plenty of players, and has the stats to make you ponder over him. First and foremost he has decent defensive and physical stats, which can be bolstered with an anchor card. With the chemistry style attached he will have only 2 stats under 90 across both categories, with 99 stamina, 99 acceleration, and 95 sprint speed on top of that too. A solid option for many at 130k on PS and 100k on Xbox, which we expect to drop to around 80-100k on both consoles.

The last card we want to mention is Jose Sosa. The Argentinian allrounder will fit into a lot of squads and is a part of a (not so) exclusive club of the all 80+ card stat players known as the Gullit gang. His dribbling and passing stats are outrageous on top of a decent pace, shooting, defending, and physicals. He’s not winning you many headers with 68 accuracies and 58 jumping, and his 74 finishing really puts is off getting him in the box, but the Trabzonspor man could do a very good job at CM/CDM for plenty of teams, especially considering he’s equipped with 4* skills and 4* weak foot. He’s also ridiculously cheap at 80k on PS and surprisingly more on the Xbox at 100k.  

Radamel Falcao has received an objectives card that won’t be an awful substitute for your striker. He’s easy enough to do with mostly squad battles challenges and a few wins in rivals, but he isn’t going to be starting for too many squads due to his Colombian nationality. 

Gael Clichy has himself a cheap SBC card as well, with the 89 rated French left-back coming in around 70K on both consoles. It’s a decent card but the Medium work rates and low aggression may put people off.

Is there anyone else you’re looking to pick up? Let us know below!

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