EGL @ BBH Gaming Day - The Ignored Giant

By Lisa MacLean on 13th May 2019

BBH Gaming Day - The Ignored Giant

When BBH called upon EGL to organise and exhibit an array of different games that have been released throughout the years from Retro to Modern day gaming we couldn’t say no! We covered all forms of gaming from retro favourites such as Pac-Man, Earthworm Jim and Starwing to then showcasing the latest “what’s hot” in today's world of gaming which included new releases such as Spiderman, God of War and Monster Hunter.

The EGL team had one day to build, setup, connect and turn on what would be a walk down memory lane for some but also an opportunity to learn more about how the gaming world is evolving and why it’s taking over the world! There were several seminars discussing the world of gaming such as “From Donkey Kong to Fortnite: understanding gamers & gaming culture” and “This is a Game Changer: the opportunities for brands in gaming were brands such as Lego, Audi and Virgin Media were able to tap into gaming and really get an idea of how the industry is evolving and how to get involved.  

Seminar at BBH Gaming Day - The Ignored Giant

After the seminars and talks had concluded the guests were able to get involved and experience all the games we had on offer. From VR to BR, we had guests immersing themselves in the blistering squad-based tactical combat VR game Firewall Zero Hour and “Play with a Pro” where guests were able to really learn what it takes to play on a competitive level within the esports world on games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite and FIFA 19.

With Battle Royale games taking over the world it was no secret that the Battle Royale area would be the most popular room that evening, with two of the most popular BR games right now, Apex Legends and Fortnite on offer, there were groups of people waiting to take their turn, land and grab loot, get as many kills as possible and end the night with that sweet sweet victory!    

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