SCUF Gaming CoD BOTG PS4 Bundle Review

By Pointus Blankus on 22nd May 2018

With Call of Duty being the most popular eSports title on console platforms, it was only a matter of time before SCUF Gaming decided to release a bundle dedicated to the franchise. The recent introduction of the SCUF CoD B.O.T.G (Boots On The Ground) bundle for PS4 and Xbox One aims to cater to the hardcore console gaming market. It is designed to be the ultimate care package for competitive gamers who surround themselves with other competitive gamers and therefore wouldn’t mind wearing a B.O.T.G cap, T-shirt, dog tag and patch. At a price tag of over £200, it is a tough ask for any gamer to part ways with such amount of money, especially when the main attraction of the bundle remains the controller, which can be bought for approximately £100 less.

With that in mind, the B.O.T.G limited edition line-up by SCUF Gaming is one that will only appeal to a gamer who truly lives and breathes Call of Duty. Luckily, this £232.99 bundle (as things stand) comes beautifully boxed in a very large care package, and contains a huge amount of goodies. I find some of the goodies a lot more useful as a gamer than others, but I suppose the general rule of any bundled set is that it always comes with some items that aren’t of interest to the consumer.

The SCUF COD B.O.T.G bundle comes with the following items in the box:

  • A custom SCUF B.O.T.G controller – you’ll have the choice on the website to get the bundle for PS4 (Infinity 4PS or IMPACT controllers), or Xbox One (Infinity 1 controller). The colour options are unique to the B.O.T.G bundle, and come in army green or camo.
  • Limited edition B.O.T.G shirt
  • Limited edition B.O.T.G hat
  • Limited edition B.O.T.G patch
  • SCUF Infinite fidget spinner
  • SCUF military dog tag
  • SCUF GamerGrip
  • 10ft SCUF braided charging cable
  • SCUF ring and lock kit
  • SCUF precision thumbsticks (black)

The nature of some of the items that come in the bundle is such that some gamers won’t necessarily care for a patch or cap. Items of clothing are often ways to make a bundled package seem more elaborate than they actually are. However, it is worth noting that they are extremely comfortable to wear, and I do sometimes wear the shirt at home, as a) it fits and b) it is very comfortable to wear especially during the heat wave that we recently endured.

The military dog tag is not made out of any precious metal. I am a huge fan of dog tags; whilst I don’t wear them, I love collecting them. The SCUF military dog tag is not made out of any sturdy metal, and the rubberized frame also doesn’t give it an expensive look. Nonetheless, this goodie is currently being worn by my oversized plush Eric Cartman toy that sits on one of my shelves.

What perhaps surprised me the most was the SCUF Infinite fidget spinner. Despite the branding, it doesn’t actually spin forever, but this was naturally expected. I have never actually owned a fidget spinner (and I never felt the need to buy one). However, this now sits comfortably on my desk next to my PlayStation and Xbox One X. Between R6 Siege matches, I do occasionally pick it up and give it a spin. It spins extremely smoothly and balances well on the finger. The fact that it comes in its own little case is a nice touch. SCUF has clearly identified the fidget spinner craze that has grasped the younger generations, a huge amount of whom are gamers and probably play Call of Duty. Having a spinner as part of the B.O.T.G bundle is a great idea.

A small tube of SCUF GamerGrip also comes as part of the bundle. I have tested this grip once before, and it does the job. I personally don’t suffer from much sweat when playing games. I have spent the past two seasons playing over 1000 games of FIFA Ultimate Team and in particular, competing in FUT Champions. Once you’ve gone through that, no other game can possibly make you sweat, not even the likes of Call of Duty. However, if you’re someone who does suffer from sweaty palms, the SCUF GamerGrip allows you to counter that by ensuring your hands stay dry. Having it as part of the B.O.T.G bundle was a no brainer, given the nature of Call of Duty!

All of the other items are what I consider to be no-brainers and must haves. When buying them separately, they can add up to a fair amount. Buying a SCUF controller on its own may not be so expensive (in comparison to this bundle), but when you also add on a braided charging cable and alternative thumbsticks, the price will slowly start increasing.

The SCUF braided charging cable’s main selling point is that it’s 10ft long. That is a huge amount of cable. I don’t know if it’s just an issue with Micro USB, but this is now my fourth SCUF braided cable for the PS4. The first three have already stopped working – luckily the SCUF support team has been at hand to assist me. I’d like to think that I treat my cables with care, however for some strange reason, I have had bad luck with the PS4 cables. It’s worth noting that I have the same issue with non-SCUF cables; all of my PS4 controller cables eventually die out, including official Sony ones. With that in mind, I’m not in a position to place the blame on the quality of the SCUF cables. The quality of braiding is second to none, and also ensures that the cables rarely get tangled. If they do, it’s extremely easy to untangle them.

The precision thumbsticks, along with the ring/lock kit, are actually my favourite bits of equipment. Certain controllers like the Infinity 4PS PRO allow for interchangeable thumbsticks, and this is one of the best features of SCUF controllers. Granted that there are many tutorials online that teach people how to open up their controllers and do it the old-fashioned way. However, why should that be a long-term solution, if someone can come up with a way to just pull the sticks out with a locking mechanism in place? The precision thumbsticks allow you to choose between different lengths, and also the shapes of the tips of the sticks. For shooters, you may want longer concaved sticks for better precision, whilst for sports games, you’d prefer the shorter sticks. Also, hardcore gamers will find that their sticks will eventually wear out. Now, you can simply throw them away and replace them with new ones, without ever having to screw open your controller. It takes me no more than 30 seconds to swap out a single thumbstick, and that’s because I’m always being very careful when doing it. The actual locking key is a genius mechanism that is designed in such a way that you really cannot break your controller whilst using it.

Of course, the main attraction and centrepiece is the controller itself. For this review, we acquired the B.O.T.G Infinity 4PS PRO bundle. Below you will find a link to our SCUF Infinity 4PS PRO review:

SCUF has also introduced a special set of B.O.T.G colours; army green and camo. Whilst they have similar variations of them, I believe that these particular patterns and shades are only available as part of the B.O.T.G bundle. If true, this can potentially make your controller’s colour scheme rare, and you may potentially want to hold onto that pad!

The SCUF COD B.O.T.G offering is not a cheap one, but for a young gamer who lives on Call of Duty, there really is no better gift or care package that exists. SCUF has remained true to the Call of Duty franchise by making sure that every single item in this box is either branded to fit with the game’s theme, or is a traditional SCUF product that will help you elevate your game. The presentation of the box and the way the different items are housed inside it, alone will make anyone feel special when opening it. This bundle was originally £289.99, and although it has been dropped to £232.99 as I currently write this review, many will still argue that it is too expensive, including myself. As we wait for the highly anticipated CoD Black Ops 4, it would be brilliant to see the company slightly reimagine this bundle with a BLOPS theme. Instead of offering items of clothing, I’d make the care package smaller, but also bundle it with a copy of the game. SCUF is certainly heading in the right direction with bundles inspired by particular games, however I feel that the B.O.T.G might miss the mark simply due to its steep price tag. The quality of the product however, simply cannot be faulted. If you have money to burn and your son or daughter is obsessed with Call of Duty, you’ll instantly become the favourite parent by presenting them with the SCUF COD B.O.T.G bundle. 

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