EGL @ Middle East Film & Comic Con

By Alex McBride on 21st May 2018

We might be the European Gaming League but now and again we like to step out of our lane and mix it up a little, so when the call came in help our sister company Middle East Gaming League we packed our bags and jumped on a plane. Middle East Film and Comic Con is a huge event that happens in Dubai each year that attracts comic book, film and for the first time gaming fans!

We were briefed with the task of setting up a small stage that would get people attending the event involved and interested in gaming to give them a taste of esports. The game of 2018 so far has to Fortnite it’s popular everywhere and we found Dubai to be no exception! A simple stage which which be welcoming and not intimidating was erected with a LED screen in the centre and two squads of four lining up to compete against each other to survive the longest – and hopefully get that ‘Victory Royale’ with the winners waking away with Gamescon tickets - a gaming event happening later in the year.

Along with MEGL we held sign ups for entrants on the day of the event and sporadically throughout the day to avoid long queues and allow people to enjoy the event and meet Hodor! Players then got a ticket for when they could play and came back throughout the day or sat in the crowd and watched others got for that #1. A EGL supplied commentator kept the action flowing on the stage as well as commentated over the action as and when it happened. Players could earn a spot by waiting for a spot in a squad or complete a Fortnite dance on stage in front of hundreds in the crowd.

YouTubers, pro players and a member of the royal family all came up on the stage across the weekend to give it a go. Across the event there was areas for signings, panel talks, movie screenings and artistry but Fortnite reigned supreme once again drawing huge crowds and a mass of people wanting to play.

If you’ve got an event you’re looking to make a big impression at, wherever in the world, get in touch with us and we’ll show you what we can do.

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