Retro Gaming Nostalgia by EGL

By Alex McBride on 7th May 2018

Who doesn’t love retro gaming? It takes you back to a time where life was easier, you played Sonic, Pacman or Pong – depending on your age! A game wouldn’t load up so you’d ‘blow’ on the cartridge and magically it’d start until you needed to repeat the process later. Chunky controllers, scart leads and not a HDMI in sight and Virtual Reality was only seen on TV as a concept people of the future would dream of plugging themselves into a machine to experience.

At European Gaming League we’re bringing that nostalgia back, partnering with the Science Museum to create a huge event at their London base. The event was accommodating to over 350 people at a time, sitting down to play games across 180 consoles. EGL supplied every single console in the venue, monitor, controller and cartridge! Weeks before the event we painstakingly checked each console, repaired some and packaged them ready for three weeks of intensive play by the general public.

The event was a celebration of games featuring a timeline of the history of games with the Binatone starting us off in 1976 with twenty consoles bridging the gap between 1976 to the latest release of the Playstation 4 Slim in 2016. Each accompanied with information for parents to show their kids the consoles they started out on as well a selection of games for each console.

As well as the timeline of gaming hardware the event features a custom Minecraft server prepared for players of all ages to build at their leisure, two banks of Fornite squads of four playing on high-end gaming PCs with Roccat mechanical keyboards and gaming mouse. Throwing it back to Halo 3 we had a fully decked Free-For-All ring with 16 Xbox 360 consoles battling it out on revolving games. Across the hall there was consoles of all ages split into genres: Driving, Lego, Movie games, Educational, Disney, Arcade Fighting, Sonic, Rhythm and Mario games! In the centre of the hall the VR booths allowed players to immerse themselves in a different world for a few minutes.

The event kicked off with a press launch which allowed media to come down play some retro games as well as promote the event to a wider audience before we kicked off into nearly three weeks of action with five time slots across the day for members of the public to buy a ticket to attend. We’re happy to report there’s a huge demand for retro gaming with nearly every session fully sold out across the Easter school and bank holidays.  

If you’re interested in a retro gaming event or want to use some of our stock for a unique launch or marketing event get in contact get in contact and we’d love to suggest how you can put some nostalgic fun into your concepts!

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