EGL Assists in KSI v Joe Weller

By Alex McBride on 7th February 2018

EGL might be best known for running some of the biggest European esports events across Call of Duty, PES & Gears of War however our friends at Upload Agency & The Sidemen had a very unique event planned. KSI and Joe Weller had, for several months, been taunting each other across social media until KSI ‘called out’ Joe Weller for a matchup in the boxing ring. With Joe Weller having already taken a fight in a closed boxing gym, a similar venue was thought to be in the works. However, KSI and his Sidemen friends don't like to do things by halves!

The Copper Box Arena on the Olympic Park in Stratford was booked and days later over 7,000 tickets were sold out. EGL was called upon to design the posters and branding for the event. These were then used as the lead images for marketing of the event and seen by millions of fans on fight night.

Before the fight could happen the final press conference had to take place and EGL covered all facets of the conference and weigh-in production. EGL staff planned, designed and constructed a stage setup which included a 8mx4m truss build with a banner designed and printed resembling a mainstream boxing event. EGL brought along three HD cameras to capture the action from any angle, this footage was then quickly edited on the spot and passed to KSI & Joe Weller to upload less than an hour later. Our staff were on hand to direct and produce the show ensuring the action developed from the undercard to the main-event on time. With over 5 million views of the press conference the stage was set for the big fight with mainstream media hyping the fight, attributing to the anatomical viewer numbers to come. The full press conference can be viewed on KSI’s and Joe’s channels.

Photo taken by Dan Greenwood, Firefly AV

On fight day EGL set up four areas for sales points in order to give fans the chance clamouring for Sidemen, KSI & Joe Weller and event specific merchandise. EGL set up a smart POS system which operated on the cloud with a stock control system to allow a flowing ‘just-in-time’ keeping storage levels in a busy space to a minimum. The night was attended by more than a few VIPs and YouTube stars with EGL taking responsibility for getting them into the venue and into seats during the fights. The management of a VIP room backstage and ringside to ensure that only authorised members were ringside.During the show, the team then sold merchandise during the event and saw the action develop in a night of unforgettable action, that’s set the record as the largest amateur boxing event ever held in the UK with over 20 million viewed the boxing card on KSI’s and Joe's YouTube Channels.

Photo taken by Dan Greenwood, Firefly AV

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