EGL Explodes Into Guns of Boom

By Alex McBride on 12th January 2018

Here at European Gaming League we’re always on the lookout for the newest game to capture the esports audience, and we think we’ve found it. Allow us to welcome Guns of Boom. The fast paced team-based FPS is the first mobile addition to the EGL network allowing gamers on Android and iOS to compete in regular tournaments.

EGL will be hosting regular weekly cups where teams of four can compete for €100 per Proving Grounds tournament. You might be stacking trophies, but add to them a tournament winner award here at EGL, €100 and you’ll own the bragging rights. 

Tournaments will be conducted over a best of three format until the finals where the money is settled to the winner so they’ll play over a best of five game. All teams need to perfect their skills across all maps ready for the tournaments as teams will be given the choice of maps alternating between the matchup.

The tournaments kick off this Sunday so why not jump into the very first one HERE. If you’re a little late to the party, don’t worry, you can sign up to future tournaments HERE.

About Guns of Boom

The mobile gaming first-person-shooter experience is a one of a kind team based game which players battle against each other with the sole aim to destroy their opponents. The team at the end of each game which has the most kills is declared the winner, with teams rewarded for assisted kills and spectacular double or more kill sequences. This makes Guns of Boom the perfect esports title, and home for it here at EGL.

About EGL

Founded in 2010 the European Gaming League (EGL) was set up to create some of the most exciting tournaments and events across Europe. Over the past eight years, EGL has launched titles, given away thousands in prize money and crowned European champions. EGL is a company united by one ambition; to turn esports into the most exciting, diverse sport on the planet.

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