Call of Duty Cable Guys Device Holders Review

By Pointus Blankus on 22nd November 2017

With the Call of Duty franchise back in full swing by going back to its historical roots, it was only a matter of time before the merchandise would start pouring in. There is currently a huge demand for miniature figurines in the gaming world. Companies like Ubisoft promote their Chibi collections which have proven to be huge successes. Nintendo has also struck gold through its Amiibo collection. With Call of Duty being one of the biggest franchises in the console gaming market, it was only fitting that someone would come up with figurines inspired by Activision’s highest earner. To celebrate the launch of the new Call of Duty, EXG recently announced a line of new Call of Duty figurines, created by the figurines manufacturer Cable Guys. However, unlike other figurines, these are designed to be functional as they are promoted as device holders and chargers for your phones and controllers.

The 8” figurine takes up a considerable amount of space compared to the likes of an Amiibo or Chibi, but the size is perfect considering it needs to be able to hold a phone or controller. When sitting next to my PS4 Pro, the Ghost figure is of a perfect size and weight. The current 8” collection contains two figurines; one for Ghost and the other that represents Ronald “Red” Daniels, who is the protagonist from Activision’s latest Call of Duty. I personally prefer the Ghost figurine, only because I have a better connection with Modern Warfare 2 where the character was first introduced.

These Call of Duty Cable Guys device holders are designed to be the first of their kind. Not only is EXG looking to expand the line of Call of Duty products, but they also want to be first movers in the space where figurines are not only designed for display purposes, but also to act as functional pieces of equipment. To aid this, each one of the 8” figurines comes with a whopping 3m USB cable, which has adapters on the other end to allow the charging of phones and controllers. I must admit that at first, I was more fascinated with the quality of the cable and its functional design. Unlike other cables which have multiple heads on one side (one for each type of device), the end of this cable contains an iPhone lighting charger, which can plug into another adapter if you want to charge a PS4 or Xbox One controller. This results in a very clean, and uncluttered cable design. If I want to charge my iPhone at one point and then my PS4 controller straight after, it cannot get any simpler than using this cable, since it can all be done through the same lead. One of the beauties of this cable is that it isn’t attached to the figurine. If you wanted to, you can take it away with you and use it anywhere else as long as there is an available USB port for power.

The actual figurines are brilliantly designed. They have an excellent weight to them, with a strong and sturdy base. This ensures that even a peripheral as heavy as an Xbox One controller can be held without the figurine wobbling. The attention to detail is symptomatic of Cable Guy’s professionalism and level of quality. The mould is made out of a durable material and is clearly built to last. The figurine is promoted to be able to hold phones of all shapes and sizes. I currently own an iPhone 7 Plus, and there are only a handful of phones that are probably larger than that. Ghost was able to carry my phone with complete ease.

The biggest issue I have with the figurine is not necessarily something that I can blame Cable Guys for. The whole point of having such a figurine is that it can charge your controller or device whilst looking good in the process. It doesn’t look good if you have a massive cable sticking out like a sore thumb. The PS4’s charging port sits on the top of the controller. When I tried to feed the cable through Ghost’s legs and then into the charging port, it looked unattractive, as the cable would overlap the figurine’s face. There are plenty of charging stations in the market that allow for the controller to be placed upside down, however if I put the PS4 controller upside down and charge the controller that way, Ghost struggles to hold it. If I am going to make precious space on my gaming station for a functional figurine, I am only willing to do it as long as it isn’t detrimental to the way my desk looks. The way the cable looks when used with the figurine, bothers me. It’s worth pointing out that this level of fussiness is not a representation of the average gamer. Most gamers won’t have an issue with the way the cable works in conjunction with the figurine. Perhaps Cable Guys can paint the cables with a camouflage design to be more thematic to the figurine? Right now, they are plain white.

Without the cable however, the figurine looks brilliant. It still sits on my desk and is now responsible for keeping my PS4 controller safe. I prefer using the cable separately, as it is still a very durable and functional cable.

EGL also got its hands on a smaller figurine, which definitely fits more in line with the Amiibos and Chibis. Right now, they are not available in the market, but if this is just a teaser for what’s to come, I have really high hopes for this smaller range of soldiers. These cute little characters are also made out of a similar mould, and are given the same detailed treatment as their 8” counterparts. However, due to the smaller form factors, these are not designed to be functional. Instead, they are for display purposes only, and as such make a fantastic little gift for someone who already has a charging setup, but is a huge Call of Duty fan. The figurine is so small that its face would get covered if you give it a controller or phone to hold. Nonetheless, I found use for him – he is now the sole protector of the pocket knife I use for unboxing.

The official Call of Duty Device Chargers by Cable Guys retails for £24.99. For a standalone figurine, this is expensive, but the 3m multi-device charging cable definitely makes the price more attractive. The Call of Duty movement continues to grow, and with Activision’s latest game already looking to be a huge success, millions of gamers will be spending plenty their Christmas vacations levelling up. These figurines act as the perfect and most obvious Christmas gift for anyone you know who is a fan of Call of Duty. 

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