Introducing the all new EGL.TV

By Alex McBride on 28th October 2017

We've been working incredibly hard behind the scenes over the last few months, and are now very proud to introduce you to our brand new website. We hope that you agree that its been worth the wait! We've got a whole host of new features with a brand new interface designed to give players the most accessible and best esports experience possible.

This past year we've been bringing you tournaments on some of your favourite titles including League of Legends, SMITE and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We'll continue to support these franchises as staples of the EGL platform, whilst we also consistently look out for new games to support. If you’ve spotted a game we’re missing then please let us know!

Our tournaments now have new prefixes with ‘Proving Grounds’ being our new ultra competitive tournaments for players of all levels to compete in. All Proving Ground tournaments will have a monetary cash prize attached to them which will now all be given to the winning squad. It’s a chance to compete against the best and use the consistent regular schedule to enhance your skills whilst earning some extra cash.

At EGL we want to make esports accessible to everyone, and found that some players were coming to the website, and not completing the sign-up process. For these players, the process was simply too cumbersome and this didn’t meet our goals of taking them effortlessly into a competitive environment. We’ve now added social authentication to allow you to start competing in tournaments straight away. Signing up via your Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Google account could not be any easier!

As grassroots esports continues to grow across Europe, we’re keen to do our part. At the heart of this ideal is our new Team Finder feature which will allow free agents (players without teams) to post an advert to appeal to teams looking for one or more players. This is fully adaptable to each player, so if you’re playing League of Legends and you’re desperate for a spot as a Jungler then post an advert and let the EGL community know! Including your rank, language as well as favourite playlists will help those teams pick out the most suited players for them. Similarly, if you’re a team looking for a star AD Carry to accompany your Blitzcrank main Support then post your advert and let the players come to you! Messages will come flooding in, especially as players can check your teams profile to see how successful you’ve been!

Looking to pick up a free agent or learn more about how aggressive they are in game? Send them a private message! Private messages are now active allowing you to message other users on the website. This will keep you connected with others players as you grow your network of friends and competitors. Keep an eye on the icon as it'll light up when a message comes in, we’re sure they’ll come flooding in, knowing how popular you are!

If you’re competing you don’t need to be staring at the bracket waiting for it to load, or spamming your F5 button, we’ve added notifications to keep you right up to speed. Whether an admin has responded to your ticket or you've been invited to a team, we'll keep you right up to speed through our brand new notification system. We'll also send you an email but this can be disabled via your notification settings. Your match dashboard is now front and center and you'll be able to clearly see if you have any outstanding fixtures.

Everyone has a smartphone these days and the EGL website is now fully accessible from all devices, allowing users to connect with the platform just as they do on a PC or laptop, on their mobile phones. The website now has a mobile responsive frontend allowing you to keep the tournaments coming and the wins stacking up, all from the palm of your hand.

Esports is all about who is the best. We’ll settle the score between you and the competitors as our game specific leaderboard keeps track of all of your wins and losses as a team through tournaments to see over time who has what it takes to be declared the best of the best. This will secure long-term bragging rights for the very best, as well as show where you’re stacking up against the rest of Europe.

We're always on the lookout for new ideas on how we can provide an even better experience for users. Do you have any feedback or have you spotted a bug? Please let us know!

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