Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter:Kit Review

By Pointus Blankus on 24th March 2017

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch hasn’t even been out for a month, the Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Kit contains the third carrying case that I now own for the console. We have already reviewed what Venom’s starter kit has to offer, and Snakebyte’s starter kit is no slouch either.

In fact, there isn’t much to say about Snakebyte’s offering. Their starter kit comes with everything you’d expect, plus more. You’d expect a good quality case, a cleaning cloth, a screen protector and a place to house some of the games you own. This starter kit has all of that, but additionally, a pair of stereo earbuds, and the surprise addition of some caps to sit on top of your thumbsticks. After having used the Venom starter kit, I expected Snakebyte to provide everything but the thumbstick caps – that really is a fantastic way to make the Snakebyte pack stand out from the crowd.

The case is the main attraction of the product, and surprisingly the Snakebyte case feels tougher than some of the officially branded Nintendo cases in the market. The case itself, similarly to the Venom case, contains two straps inside to hold your Switch in place. This is a much-needed feature of the case that one of my official cases does not have. This ensures that the console will not fall out even when you open the case the wrong way round. I shook the case multiple times with the Switch in it, and the console was tightly secured away underneath the straps. If the console you own is for your children, a case with straps is vital.

The stereo earphones work well enough to get the job done. Snakebyte won’t be winning any awards for the earphones, but the company realizes that the Switch is just as much a portable console as it is for big screen use. With that in mind, you will often need earphones when playing in public. Until there are any games that really focus on providing an exceptional audio experience, I actually found the Snakebyte earphones adequate. Most importantly, they are comfortable to wear. If you do have issues wearing any type of earphones, Snakebyte even provide a foldable pair of headphones, which although are packaged to be designed for the Nintendo Switch, can be used with any 3.5mm jack.

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One of the unique features of the Snakebyte starter pack over the Venom is the game card case. The Venom starter pack doesn’t come with a separate case, but Snakebyte provides a plastic case that can house up to two games. Two games, plus the one that is already in the console, is more than enough for your traveling needs. The case is made of a durable plastic and the insides are cut out nicely to house the cartridges.

Additionally, the starter pack comes with a microfibre cloth and a screen protector. I actually prefer the screen protector that Venom provides, I felt that the quality of the tempered class in that pack felt better. Having said that, the screen protector that comes with the Snakebyte Switch starter kit still does a great job in ensuring that your screen will not get scratched from taking the console in and out of the dock. If you’re really fussy about a high quality screen protector, you can probably still pick them up cheaply elsewhere.

Finally, the starter pack comes with a pair of controller thumbstick caps; one grey and one red. It’s a strange combination, but it looks surprisingly good on my all-red Nintendo Switch. You can naturally choose what cap sits on what thumbstick. These caps will end up being the most underrated accessory. As a hardcore gamer, I know the importance of thumbstick caps. There is nothing more upsetting than when a controller’s thumbstick is wearing out. With a Switch, you cannot just replace your sticks. I assume people haven’t given this much thought either, but those sticks will wear out and when they do, people will have to invest in new JoyCons. I cannot stress the importance of the controller caps, and with the Snakebyte starter pack, you will get them bundled. I played a few hours of Zelda with the caps on, and very quickly I forgot they even existed.

One of the great things about the Snakebyte Nintendo Switch starter pack is that everything can fit in the case. The earbuds, cleaning cloth, plastic case and the Switch with the JoyCons attached, along with the controller caps, all sit neatly within the case that it comes with. The cloth, earphones and game case will sit behind a net on one side of the Switch case, with the console itself sitting behind the straps on the other. At this stage, the starter pack retails for £17.99 on Amazon, which is priced very competitively considering what comes with the pack. I can see this becoming one of the go-to products that must be bought alongside any purchase of the console.



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