EGL16 to Host CWL Sheffield

By Alex McBride on 18th January 2017

European Gaming League (EGL) are delighted to announce our first open event of 2017.

EGL 16 will be hosting CWL Sheffield at a familiar location, Sheffield. Esports will descend upon the city once more which has hosted such prestigious events as the Snooker World Championships and Olympic Diving Qualification events.

The event will take place at Ponds Forge International from the 24th - 25th June, which has previously hosted EGL 10 & EGL12.

In partnership with Activision, the event will be a feature of the official Call of Duty World League season, hosted on the popular new release, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. CWL Sheffield will be open to all players over the age of eighteen, with sixty four teams competing for a prize pool of $25,000, as well as 38,900 CWL points..

Full details and tickets can be found on our live event hub.

Managing Director of EGL, Glen Elliott said:

‘EGL is the oldest Call of Duty event host globally, and we’re honoured to continue our relationship with Activision by assisting with the Call of Duty World League in Europe. After the success of EGL Open - London 2016 in Season 1 of the CWL, we look forward to hosting EGL 16 for European competitors in the UK’s most iconic cities.‘

About EGL

Founded in 2010 the European Gaming League (EGL) was set up to create some of the most exciting tournaments and events across Europe. Over the past six years, EGL has launched titles, given away thousands in prize money and crowned European champions. EGL is a company united by one ambition; to turn eSports into the most exciting, diverse sport on the planet.


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