Introduction of Pro Points to SMITE Conquest Cups

By Nick Mitchell on 27th May 2016

Starting next month (June) we'll be introducing a Pro Points system to our weekly SMITE (PC) Conquest Cups that will see players earn Pro Points based on their placement in all future tournaments. The number of points awarded will be dependant on the number of teams participating in the tournament, but as an example for a 16 team tournament Pro Points will be awarded as follows:

Placement Pro Points Awarded (Per Player)
1st 150
2nd 100
3rd/ 4th 50
5th - 8th 25
9th - 16th 0

These Pro Points will be used to seed the weekly cups and over time will ensure that top teams no longer meet in earlier rounds of the tournament. As a result of this change teams will only be able to select up to five players to compete in a tournament and will no longer be able to add a reserve player to their roster.

Pro Points will be displayed on a user's profile under their Game Accounts. Please note that Pro Points will be tied to a user's SMITE account and if a player with Pro Points changes their account name they must inform us by submitting a support ticket.

You can view all of our upcoming SMITE tournaments here.


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